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Pulling up to Armory Week? You have to see the Spring Break Art Show

For all of you new art connoisseurs, there’s a very lit week at the beginning of March. That week is Armory Week. It’s when multiple art fairs open in NYC at the same time.

It can seem overwhelming and expensive trying to figure out which fair to attend. We’re going to make it easy for you. Spring Break Art Show is the only thing you’ll want to see during armory week!

We had the pleasure of peeping the show before it opened to the public. We’re gonna take you through some of the must-sees when attending the show, starting with Cj Hendry’s DRUG MONEY capsule. This is the first thing you’ll see when entering the show – a giant capsule, filled with money.

The goal: Grab as much cash as you can while inside the capsule.

Your next stop will be hard to miss. Stop by E.N.D.O’s booth to purchase some real estate for the Post – Apocalypse.

That’s right, E.N.D.O (Eternal Navigators of Doom Organization) is offering three options for your end of the world crib. While you’re there be sure to say hello to Phaan Howng, the founder of E.N.D.O.

While browsing the endless booths, we can’t forget about the fact we live in a world where the truth is constantly suppressed.

This is exactly what Rachel Lee Hovnanian reminds us in her installation “Taped Shut” Which includes a bronze bust taped shut, surrounded on either side by neon signs that state “what I couldn’t say” and “what I didn’t say”

By this point, you might be exhausted from all the art you’ve seen, and all the booths you’ve stopped at. Don’t give up because your last stop has to be to “A World All Her Own” which includes works by four female artists who encourage the viewer to put the female voice and character back into the canon!

The art world was once a place dominated by male artists, dealers, and collectors but this installation challenges that, and reminds us who really runs the world.

These suggestions don’t even scratch the surface of how many amazing artists and booths there are at Spring Break Art Show. Not only is the show filled with high-quality art, but the installations also have a lot of meaning.

When wondering the fair you will realize you’re surrounded by like-minded people who care about the same issues you do. And don’t worry if you’ve never been to an art fair before, Spring Break Art Show welcomes ALL.

If you’re feeling confused at any point in time don’t hesitate to ask questions! The staff is friendly and ready to help. But don’t wait to buy your tickets, the show only runs thru Sunday, March 10.