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New ‘Politics AR’ phone game will finally allow you to body Donald Trump

A new phone game will let you take out all of your frustrations about the current political landscape of the world.

The game, ‘Politics AR‘, allows you to pick a politician and duke it out against your rivals in a hilarious bout of fisticuffs.

Politics AR comes from Providence VR, which describes itself as “an award-winning immersive content company committed to the development of augmented and virtual reality experiences for entertainment, education, medical simulation and branded content.”

The game will allow you to pit world leaders against each other and settle their differences in the ring. From the Politics AR website,

“Politics AR, an Augmented Reality mobile boxing game, pits world leaders and political heavyweights against one another in real world scenes. Gamers can to take out their frustrations on their favorite or least favorite candidates, including Donald Trump, Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Vladimir Putin, Bernie Sanders, Bill Clinton and George Bush.”

Providence AR sees an opportunity to bring people together through virtual reality death match,

“You may not be able to control the election outcome, you may not be able to sway the opinion of your romantic partner. If you are spontaneously combusting due to severe political frustration, Politics AR is a great solution. As a group of millennials, we saw an opportunity to alleviate the harshness of politics and bring both parties together with knock’ out gameplay.”

It’s a pretty great idea. It might even be sort of therapeutic. People are upset about the way politics are going, perhaps pretending to beat the shit out of opposing leaders will make you feel better.