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Got a new MacBook? Here’s how to watch your favorite movies

The MacBook has often been an object of envy as well as desire, for most people, for as long as we can remember. The reason behind this is that these devices are set at meteoric prices and are not something that everyone has the privilege to afford.

However, entrepreneurs, artists, and business owners have always put their faith in them to go about their day-to-day jobs in the most secure ways. MacBooks are packed with a hoard of features that come in handy for people from all walks of life.

You could use them to secure boatloads of confidential data of your business as well as to watch a few movies in the best quality over the weekend. 

Normal computers and laptops that run on Windows do that too. But, with Macs, you can rest assured that the user experience shall be way different. The motto of the article is, however, not to talk about how businesses rely on Macs.

We shall rather enlist a few ways in which Mac owners can optimize their movie viewing experience and watch their favorite movies on the same. Therefore, without further ado, let us look into these ways and enjoy a more wholesome movie streaming experience on Mac.

Access the iTunes Store from your MacBook:

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One of the best ways to watch movies on your Apple device is using the iTunes Store. Of all the ways that we shall mention in the article, the iTunes Store serves as the best way to stream and watch movies on Mac.

This is because this is Mac’s very own app and is thus, incredibly user-friendly. You can find a plethora of movies that you can either purchase or rent.

Plus, if you do not have a Mac at your disposal but are keen to use the features of the iTunes Store, it shall come to you as a bit of good news that these movies can be played on your Windows PC as well.

You might want to try transferring the movies to any device that has the Apple ID that was used to purchase or rent the movie. iTunes also sells and rents out movies in different picture quality. Therefore, you might want to check them out before you proceed to rent or purchase movies.

Using Amazon Video On Demand:

Another great way to stream your favorite movies on your Mac is by using the Amazon Video On Demand platform. The platform works seamlessly on your MacBook via a web browser, and this is what makes it so magnanimous in nature.

However, it is also important that you know that some features of the platform are not compatible with the MacBook. However, it still serves as a brilliant way to watch your favorite movies as long as you know how to optimize them for your system.

For instance, you can save a ton of money if you purchase an entire season from the platform rather than buying a single episode of a show. Therefore, if you are ready to put up with some challenges with the Amazon Video On Demand platform, you might have the opportunity to watch a number of movies and shows on your Mac.

Using YouTube:

YouTube is not just a platform for make-up tutorials and music videos. It also hosts a number of movies, albeit the old ones. However, they are movies still.

If you are up for watching some really old gems at the best quality, there is nothing like streaming them on your Mac, and all for free. In a world where most streaming platforms, including Apple’s own, charge their users to watch stuff, YouTube comes in as a welcome relief.

However, it might also pique your interest to know that YouTube has also started selling and renting out new releases at the best quality. That, coupled with your Mac’s unrivaled picture quality, shall only enhance your movie viewing experience. And just so you know, you can also use your Mac to loop YouTube videos.

Just read a few resources that talk about how to loop youtube, and you shall be set. Your favorite movies shall start playing on their own. Therefore, if you want to dose up your knowledge on some oldies (and some new ones too), point your browser towards YouTube and explore its movie channel to the best of your efforts.

Using Netflix:

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Netflix is one of the biggest streaming platforms that is optimized to work well with every operating system. You can stream your favorite movies, shows and even Netflix originals on your MacBook once you subscribe to its monthly or annual plan.

However, if you are hoping for a visual quality that matches the ones on iTunes, you might be getting your hopes too high. Netflix is a great streaming platform that can enhance your movie viewing experience. But it is best to not compare it with iTunes.

However, even with that, Netflix is perhaps one of the best platforms that can help you enjoy your favorite shows and movies on your MacBook. Plus, if you have a fast internet connection, you do not have to worry about delays and glitches in your streaming experience.

Now, Netflix is not something that is exclusive to Macs. However, with the sound and picture quality that Mac offers, you can rest assured that you shall be able to make the best of your streaming experience with Netflix.

Ready to watch movies on your Macbook?

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Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

The four aforementioned ways are some of the best options you have for watching your favorite movies on a MacBook. iTunes might be the best option among the ones we have curated in this article.

However, you can also try out the others if you are in a mood to explore. YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon have unique features to bring to the table when it comes to streaming movies and shows.

Therefore, you might as well try them out on your MacBook and set the tone for this long weekend.