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Meet Tony Abrahams, the man revolutionizing artist discovery with Tweedl

Tony Abrahams might have the next big thing in music. No he’s not an artist, he does not have a record label, nor is he an A&R. He is, however, an accomplished businessman, music executive, and is now creating a music sharing platform that maximizes artist exposure like never before.

The site name is Tweedl and it has all the workings to be groundbreaking.

Despite the music industry being oversaturated — seeing that anyone can make a song now and from the comfort of their own home now — it’s not always easy for up and coming talent to pave their lane out the gate. That’s how Tweedl came about.

Not only does it give artists the opportunity to be discovered, but they can actually win cash prizes to help jump-start their career as well as customized PR from some of the industry’s most experienced minds. It’s a gamified music streaming experience that gives the creatives the tools they need to succeed.

In an exclusive interview with Kulture Hub, Tony Abrahams discussed the genesis of Tweedl, his ambitions, and why he truly feels like it’s bound to make a difference in the music industry. But first, the name. How exactly did Abrahams arrive at calling the company Tweedl? The esteemed executive tells us how exactly he stumbled across it:

“My initial project name as I was conceiving the platform was U-Select, because you select the next hot artists. I spent weeks trying to come up with cool names. I even wrote like 40 words on the board that exemplifies what U-Select was about (words like discovery, engagement, interactivity, etc.) and looked up the Latin and Greek roots and meanings to find a cool name but I found nothing. I always had the app on my phone, which gives me a new word of the day each day. On my birthday in 2016, the word of the day was ‘Tweedle,’ which means to lure by music, as in the Pied Piper tweedled the mice out of the city. My oldest daughter told me to lose the ‘e’ at the end to make it cooler. That gave birth to Tweedl, by divine intervention and a tweak from my daughter.”

And the process is just as simple as the name. Upload your track, pick the best 30 seconds of your best songs and submit them to Tweedl discovery feed, then share. From there, your track has the chance to be discovered and receive the support it needs to go even further.

Besides the tremendous opportunity Tweedl has in itself, founder Tony Abrahams adds insight and edge as well. Abrahams is the former Chief Financial Officer for Combs Enterprises (yes, Combs as in Sean Puff Daddy Diddy Combs) and oversaw finance and operations compliance Bad Boy Entertainment.

Combs Enterprises

In fact, that’s how he got his idea for Tweedl. in our conversation with Abrahams, he reflected start in-depth:

“Over the years, young people would approach me about careers in music as an aspiring artist, producer or manager. With the dramatic changes and challenges in the music industry, I would tell them ‘if you can solve the problems faced by the industry participants, you can make a lot of money. Otherwise, you should pursue a new passion.’ I was just being painfully honest. I had seen first-hand how hard it was to make money in music. In reality; however, all I did was discourage them and squashed their dreams; I was a ‘Dream Slayer.’ As I watched them walk away dejected, I felt awful.”


“This continued far too long with far too many young creative people. Then one day I decided instead of killing their dreams, I will facilitate their dreams. At that very moment in February 2016, I committed myself to create a platform to do just that.”


“One day I stumbled upon the Fantasia story on TV where it said that something like 65 million people voted on her finale. I was floored by how many people phoned in or txt in a vote on a specific date, at a specific time in a specific window. So after doing some research, at the peak of American Idol in 2012, 132 million people voted in the finale. It was clear; people wanted a voice in selecting the next hot artists. So I set out to create a platform that would put that kind of voting experience in people’s hands every day, and that gave birth to the concept of Tweedl. It is like American Idol meets Tinder.”

With more than $2 million in seed capital, Tweedlhas the resources to create a powerful, fun and engaging app for aspiring artists and music listeners alike. Tweedl also has the ability to develop and execute our pre and post-launch strategies, further giving new artists that boost that’s so hard to attain.


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Set yourself up for a successful career in music. Check out our plan at

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What sets Tweedl apart from all other music sharing platforms is that its sole purpose is exposure, and it puts the power in hands of the people. When asked why Tweedl right now, Abrahams’s answer was that of a seasoned veteran who’s been studying the industry from afar. Tony explained,

Tweedl combines gamification and music, the two fastest growing segments in digital revenues. Combine that with the need for artists to connect and engage and to be empowered and you have the perfect storm. As a result, to use your words, TWEEDL will be a current that will create the next big shift and change in the music market.

Aspiring artists can upload their music, share their tracks across their social media footprint, engage and interact with their fans, let music lovers vote on their music and subject their music to a ranking by the people. Tweedl also offers premium services that provide real-time analytics for a more professional experience to enhance their music careers. He continued,

“Our biggest appeal is that we put the artist first, not technology. Meaning, in everything we do we gain inspiration from the needs of artists. Then we look for fun ways to include music lovers in the process at each step along the journey. So underground/undiscovered artists will appreciate how Tweedl lets them.”

As opposed to a SoundCloud, Audiomack or any other streaming services that are free, Tweedl promotes and expands artists’ reach by providing tools and analytics. As Abrahams tells us, “Tweedl is a professional tool disguised as a fun app experience.”

Abrahams hopes that over the next five years Tweedl would have made a significant impact on new music and artists discovery. “We will increase the pool of artists as being heard will be made easier and people will have a greater voice in determining what music is dope,” he says.

The thing is, Tony is on the side of artists — he really wants to cultivate artists potential — and Tweedl is his way of doing so. He’s even launching an Aspiring Artists Ambassador Campaign which is a voting process for fans to pick the faces of the company and site. He explains to KH in detail just how:

Tweedl  wants to reward hustle with a $100,000 contract that includes $50k in cash, a customized PR campaign experience, digital presence consulting and more to be our Brand Ambassador. If they are a pop, hip-hop, or R&B artist,  all they have to do is upload their Tracks in the Tweedl app and get ready to perform at our launch party in New York City. Tweedl’s Music Fans will select 5 artists, through the Tweedl app, to perform at our livestreamed launch party in NYC. The performance with the most votes gets the bag, with over $100,000 in cash and prizes. We will supplement the Ambassador Campaign with a Music Lover’s Campaign where we will offer a chosen user $10,000 for being the best supporting user in our Ambassador Campaign.”

I’m sure if he could he’d go, one-by-one, giving advice to every aspiring artist and act that he comes across but that’s not realistic. But with Tweedlhe can.

Seeing that it’s just taken life the opportunity that lies ahead is still ripe, but it sure does sound promising.

For updates and information on Tweedl visit If not you, maybe you know a friend who could be the next wave.

GrpFit is more than a fitness app, it’s a community changing the way Black people live

Richard Bailey and Chris Ketant have been friends for a long time, way before their days as students at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Today, they are business partners who are cultivating a community that is changing the way Black people live.

So how did two kids from Harlem end up moving out to the West Coast and create a fitness app that would change the game?

They graduated from RIT with degrees in computer engineering, landings jobs in the tech industry. Rich worked at Intel as a software engineer and researcher before moving over to finance, while Chris worked as a software engineer for Apple.

Soon after moving to Los Angeles, they began dedicating theirfree time to starting a fitness platform called Crowdfit, which originally launched in 2016, and matched people with exercise partners with similar goals in your area.

They eventually would transition the business model and created GrpFit, in June of 2017, and today is now the leading fitness platform for the Black community.

In an interview with Kulture Hub, they explained their journey, the vision for GrpFit, and how they are making a cultural impact within their community.

A post shared by GrpFit (@grpfit) on Originally created to match you up with a partner that would help you on your fitness and personal training goals, GrpFit took that idea and stretched it to reach a much larger market.

By December of 2017, the company gained traction, as Rich and Chris had their first co-marketing campaign and major event. They decided, then, that February 28th would be the day they both quit their jobs in order to work on GrpFit full-time.

Rather than a one-on-one session with a partner — which may pose problems such as differences in intensity, inspiration and competition — GrpFit provides users with a community-wide support system.

“GrpFit is a safe, encouraging & uplifting community of people from all levels of fitness, from the first timer all the way to the fitness junkie, who all want to see you become the more fit & healthier version of you.”

Not to mention it’s unapologetically Black.

Black topics of health have been unaddressed for a long time, with research showing staggering statistical differences of mortality rates compared to other races, so they decided to spark the change. Rich told me,

“It was a shocking find since the health stats for our community were so startling; for example, 76% of Blacks are either overweight or obese and 43% have hypertension. From that, we decided to pivot from CrowdFit and relaunch as GrpFit in June of 2017.”

Upon recognizing that Black health had its own set of challenges, they focused on turning the app into the first platform that’s focused on ALL Black health issues.

#transformationtuesday Check out this amazing transformation by @itssimplyjackson 👀. Her journey started with her “Day 1”, which was in August of 2016. On her “Day 1”, she told herself the same “I’m going to lose weight” story, but this time it was different 🤔. She put her needs first and realized that she REALLY wanted it. And then, she never looked back 👏🏾. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ For more inspiration, download the #GrpFit app today. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #fitness #instafit #fit #fitspo #health #healthylifestyle #weightloss #transformation #inspiration #motivation #fitfam #healthandfitness #healthandwellness #blackfitness #ebonyfitness #instafit #igfit #workoutmotivation #weightlossjourney #fitnessjourney #fitchicks #fitchick #weightlossmotivation #beforeandafter #weightloss #weightlosssupport #weightwatchers

A post shared by GrpFit (@grpfit) on The community faces a myriad of cardiovascular issues in particular; high blood pressure, obesity and heart disease, to name a few.

As a result, the co-founders saw this as an opportunity to provide information, share stories and help others with their journey and education. Their vision with GrpFit is a big one: To create the final advancement for all things related to Black health. Chris told me,

“Everybody in our community are in different parts of their journey, whether it’s weight loss, weight gain, etc. Users want to create subgroups around these topics so that they can go more in depth. We’ve been figuring out ways that we can address those problems.”

As aforementioned, the app started off as a place to show off fitness posts, similar to the social media layout of Instagram. It was considered a “fitness feed” a place to discuss your latest developments, updates and share your journey with others.

While the feed focused on these issues, there still wasn’t a singular panel where users could hop onto when searching for all things health-related within their community. Rich explained,

“Our message is we’re here to uplift one another. A big aspect that’s overlooked is the emotional connection to it when you have one group of people you can relate to, either shaped like you, or look like you, or have similar goals or ideals or thought process, that’s going to help you on your health and fitness journey. At the end of the day, issues from our community are a little more exaggerated than other communities.”

🚨 GrpFit Member Spotlight 🔦 Meet J. Anthony Guillory – Father and PhD holder. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ What inspired you to begin your fitness journey? • I’ve been involved in some aspect of “fitness” since childhood. But I got serious about it as a lifestyle shortly before the birth of my daughter. Prior to that, I had suffered from depression and was not taking very good care of myself. My stress level was through the roof and drank excessively and ate “comfortable food” that wreaked havoc on my cardiovascular health. An annual physical revealed that I was headed quickly down the wrong path. When I learned I was to be a father, I knew I had to make significant changes. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ What does Health & Fitness mean to you? • I am a strong proponent of the mind, body, spirit connection. Health, to me, is all encompassing. It is your mental, physical and psychological well-being. Fitness, for me, relates to the things you do to manipulate your body and to push it to new limits. That includes athletics and bodybuilding. But also includes yoga, ballet, skateboarding and even parkour. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Favorite music to listen to while working out? • I can’t really say I have a “favorite” music. I have very eclectic tastes, and my music does not play the role of motivator for me. My motivation comes from within. So my mood is not altered by what’s in my ear. I like hip hop, both old and new school. Mumble rap doesn’t bother me. I also like 80s and 90s R&B, alternative, and pop love music from the 70s! I’ve been known to listen to audiobooks. If you haven’t listened to Gabrielle Union’s WE’RE GOING TO NEED MORE WINE, get it as soon as you can! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #GrpFit #motivation #inspiration #inspirational #motivational #motivationmonday #monday #fitness #instafit #fit #fitspo #health #healthylifestyle #fitfam #healthandfitness #healthandwellness #blackfitness #ebonyfitness #training #grind #mindset #believer #beastmode

A post shared by GrpFit (@grpfit) on The concept for the new features were created just last June.

While there have been many Instagram, Twitter, Facebook as well as social media communities that we’ve seen rise over the years, Richard and Chris wanted to merge the information you find in fitness magazines, websites and social pages to help others garner the support needed for their fitness journey.

GrpFit is not just a social platform, though aesthetically it may look like it started out as one. It’s expanded from sharing pictures to formulating sample workouts, curating articles, and allowing the space for blogs. Rich continued,

“The difference between this and Instagram is that those sites view one perspective and one service. Instagram is purely social, magazines are content driven, Facebook is community driven, so what we try to do is combine all that. As a user, you should want one app, one product, one service that includes all the services related to that industry. We’re trying to be the one stop shop. We want to be the number one thought in mind when it comes to Black health and fitness.”

Last month, the platform reached 1,200 monthly active users.

#transformationtuesday Wow! 💥 Let’s give it up for @tameikag and her 90-lb transformation 👏🏾 . She overcame her negative relationship with food and her struggle with overeating. Her weight loss was a result of a new year resolution she set 11 years ago when she decided to finally take control of her own health. 🙏🏾⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ For more inspiration, download the #GrpFit app today! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #fitness #instafit #fit #fitspo #health #healthylifestyle #weightloss #transformation #inspiration #motivation #fitfam #healthandfitness #healthandwellness #blackfitness #ebonyfitness #instafit #igfit #workoutmotivation #weightlossjourney #fitnessjourney #fitchicks #fitchick #weightlossmotivation #beforeandafter #weightloss #weightlosssupport #weightwatchers

A post shared by GrpFit (@grpfit) on While the app is still in development, user-driven content has proven to be widely successful, with people consuming and producing content everyday. Recently, the ability to add videos became available, encouraging others to connect with one another.

Topics range from 21-30 day challenges, weight loss and nutrition support.

Communities are formed and focused around these features. “Suggested accounts” also became available to users, connecting those on a similar path with someone who can fulfill the intent of uplifting them, providing users a safe, comfortable space for support and little judgement. Rich made it clear,

“Nutrition is definitely one of the most important aspects of fitness.”

A post shared by GrpFit (@grpfit) on The most attractive trend that’s come out of the community would be the targeted subgroups focused on different topics of health and fitness.

Recently, GRP partnered with Ariel Belgrave on a 21-day fitness challenge. The concept was to help people start their fitness changes through active involvement, sending out daily text reminders to do their workouts.

The point of the challenge was to show that without a consistent workout schedule, it would be much harder to live a healthy lifestyle. The challenge also helped people build their at home workout and gym routine.

On the subject of activism, Richard promises more involvement to come. He said,

“One thing we definitely want as we become a more mature company is get into the community more. We definitely have been doing a few community events and bootcamps, lined up between LA and Oakland, but as we become more mature, we want to get very specific with some of the initiatives. Want to start doing local things for the community for awareness months.

For young entrepreneurs and those looking to create apps, the successful founders offer similar advice. Rich ended our conversation with some wisdom saying,

“A startup is very hard, but isn’t impossible at all. What I usually advise people is — Have a good idea of what you want to do, and test that theory, whether it’s market research or market surveying, and figure out what areas of help you need. Then either surround yourself with people or obtain the skills needed to alleviate those requirements.”

A post shared by GrpFit (@grpfit) on Chris had some dope advice too and told me,

“Starting an entrepreneurial endeavor is hard, but if you love what you’re doing and you’re passionate about your goals and the product you’re trying to produce, let that be your motivating factor to stay up late and get things done, to learn, to constantly push yourself.  From a CTO/Developer position, my advice would be if you’re not willing to stay up until 4 AM trying to learn and solve a problem. A lot of people see the finished product, but a lot of people don’t see the staying up until 4 AM to solve a problem for your users. Prepare yourself, be passionate, and don’t stop.”

Don’t sleep on GRPFit, as there’s plenty more involvement to come. Their message for the future is louder and clearer than ever:

“We have a lot of things coming up the next couple months, now that we’re doing it full time and trying to get to a lot of the local communities sometime soon. Stay tuned, download the app and we hope to see you on there.”

Get to the app store and download it today.

Jay-Z is investing in an app bringing justice to the wrongfully incarcerated

Free the homies! There is a glimmer of hope for those who’ve fallen victim to the evil practices of banking on bondage practices.

Jay-Z’s Roc Nation has teamed with First Round Capital to launch Promise, a decarceration startup to bring about bail reform.

The Vera Institute of Justice reported that nationwide, an astounding 62 percent of those incarcerated aren’t actually victims of a crime. These inmates are wrongfully being held against their will because they simply cannot make bail. This includes those who committed misdemeanor or lower level offenses –– including traffic violations!

Shawn Carter has had enough. Tired of seeing people fall victim to wrongful imprisonment due to excessive bail, Shawn Carter and his partners continue to fight back.

Jay-Z said in a statement:

“We are increasingly alarmed by the injustice in our criminal justice system. Money, time and lives are wasted with the current policies. It’s time for an innovative and progressive technology that offers sustainable solutions to tough problems. Promise’s team, led by co-founder and CEO Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, is building an app that can help provide ‘liberty and justice for all’ to millions.”

A whopping $22.2 billion is spent locking people in jail. Another $38 million is spent DAILY to keep nonviolent victims behind bars as reported by the Pretrial Justice Institute.

So far, Jay-Z along with his partners have raised $3 million for a revolutionary app.

Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins, the CEO of Promise, pledges that the app will help local governments and counties. The app offers mentorship and assistance to low-risk victims behind bars due to excessive bail.

Pretrial Justice Institute

All done through a smartphone, the assistance it offers includes notifying participants when to appear in court, drug testing or substance abuse treatment, counseling and housing.

TechCrunch caught up with Ellis-Lamkins and she had this to say.

“People are going to jail because they look at a piece of paper and misread it, or are going to jail because they can’t afford a class because they’re instead paying child support. If we’re putting people in jail because they’re poor, brown or black, we’re spending money the wrong way.”

So far Ellis-Lamkins is saving taxpayers of one county $173 a month by incorporating the app. Usually, the county pays $190 per day to keep one person in a cage. With the app the county pay $17, saving taxpayers money. Not a bad investment for all parties involve.

Privately-owned prisons have been making money off this cruel practice for decades. While it is lucrative, it is a new form of slavery that we blindly overlook. There are more African-Americans locked in cells than there were slaves. It’s how the organization works.

Those arrested are often from low-income neighborhoods. They cannot afford to pay bail because they’ll more than likely go into debt. This leaves the victim faced with two options: Plead guilty or await trial in a cell.

Last year on Father’s Day, Hov let his true feelings be known about the bail industry.

Jay-Z said:

“When I helped produce this year’s docuseries, Time: The Kalief Browder Story, I became obsessed with the injustice of the profitable bail bond industry. Kalief’s family was too poor to post bond when he was accused of stealing a backpack. He was sentenced to a kind of purgatory before he ever went to trial. The three years he spent in solitary confinement on Rikers ultimately created irreversible damage that lead to his death at 22.”

Shoutout to Jay-Z for not turning his back on the community that raised him. Hopefully we see some type of reform and soon.

There’s a dating site strictly for Kanye fans trying to bag other Kanye fans

One super obsessed Kanye West fan is making a move that’s sure to catch fire.

Yeezy’s name will now be attached to a new industry entirely: Dating. So what’s it called? You guessed it — Yeezy Dating.

While Kanye is known for wearing his emotions on his sleeves through his music and interviews, this still sounds like a bizarre idea, doesn’t it? If you love Kanye as much as Kanye loves Kanye, then you’ll love other people who do too!

If there’s one thing Kanye West fans can apply to each others lives, it’s his many teachings. His egocentric ideas seem to strike deeply the minds of his followers, with many people even attempting to adopt a similar lifestyle.

Self-proclaimed “superfan” Harry Dry, came up with an idea that would allow the community to live their Ye-blessed lives together.

The idea was first announced on Kickstarter, and Dry introduced it: A dating site that’s centered around the subject of Kanye.

The amount asking is only €1,100, but the site is set to launch with or without the money.

Dry told HNHH he’s been working on the platform for about a month now, but has a couple of finishing touches to add before it goes live.

“I’ve been building a dating site for Kanye West fans for the last month or so and I’m very close to finishing it I just need a little help with the final development + marketing! So any money pledged will be wisely invested into the product and building the community.”

Yeezy Dating’s Instagram page already has over 8,000 followers, and is even trying to get the attention of Kanye himself.

I mean, I love Kanye as much as the next fan, but do I wanna be discussing him over dinner and drinks? Nah, but that’s just me. But I do believe that bringing any community together can only breed positive results, even if the subject is Kanye.

Oh, and this goes without saying, but absolutely no Taylor Swift fans allowed.

Uber Health will let doctors send a whip to your crib and bring you to the hospital

Uber is launching a new service that will allow doctors and hospitals to call patients rides.

You may be thinking, “ok so Uber came up with the idea of ambulances,” and you’d be kind of right. But the new Uber Health dashboard is apparently very different than ambulances.

The Atlantic reported on the logistics of Uber Health:

“The new Uber Health dashboard, which has been tested by a beta group of about 100 hospitals and doctors’ offices since July, will allow medical and administrative staff to either call an Uber to the office to drive a specific patient home, or to dispatch an Uber to the patient’s house, with the option to schedule it up to 30 days in advance. The patient need not have the Uber app or even a working smartphone: The dashboard comes with a printable sheet allowing a doctor to circle the incoming Uber’s car color and write down the license plate.”

Uber is trying to solve a problem, apparently missed doctors’ appointments cost around $150 billion each year and that 3.6 million Americans miss appointments because of transportation issues.

The Atlantic reported that Uber Health is used for patients without serious health issues and catered more for routine check-ups. If a patient has a serious medical condition, it’s probably better to call an ambulance.

“Many doctors call cabs for their patients, but Uber is available in about 250 U.S. cities and is sometimes cheaper than a metered taxi. Holley says that it would be up to doctors to determine if a patient was well enough to take an Uber, rather than an ambulance, and that if something happened to the patient in transit, the Uber driver should just call 911.”

It’s unclear how successful this will be. Uber Health seems most appropriate for older people with a lot of appointments, but have you ever tried to get your grandparents to use Uber? Yeah, not great.

New game ‘Speed Dating with Ghosts’ finally lets you bag a baddie spirit

For the uninitiated, going down the rabbit hole of dating simulator games can be wild.

It’s not just the typical technophobic concern: spurning interpersonal relationships in favor of falling for an imaginary, pre-programmed character with unrealistic traits.

No — in a world where there are increasing developments in sex robots, virtual reality, and pleasure devices, that concern almost seems like an overreaction. Besides, lonely hearts love being immersed in a romantic plot.

Of course, there are plenty of run-of-the-mill dating sim games on the market with perfectly average Prince and Princess Charmings (childhood friends, handsome “bad boys”, etc.). But then there are the dating sims with bizarre concepts.

Whether you need love or a laugh, you can find something heartwarming, absurd, freaky, or all of the above. You can meet and seduce girls from a Tinder-like app and share “massages.”

You can be a university student housing a handful of rabbits and cats, who transform into beautiful boys vying for your affection. You can be one of the last humans in a post-apocalyptic scenario, living an average school life– and romancing birds.

Nothing is off-limits (or sacred), for better or for worse.

. J̷̰̝̬͔̌͐͛̎́̀̎̊̈́̂̕̚͜ ̵̧̩̳͎͇̮̮̞͉̉̀̆̂̓̊͐̽̎̕̚͝͝͠Ṵ̶̘̼̜̣͂̈́͗͐́͂̾̈̓̚ ̸̺̒̌̓͑͑̅̈́̓̿̉̈̅̑͠͝S̵̛͈̮͑̅͂͌̐̑͐̀͆̓̄̅̚ ̸̧̙̤̬̣̱̟̞̠͓̟̻̙̠̫̈̉̈́̊̂Ţ̷̟̤̹̬͓͖̘͇̯̭͊́̔͗̈́̋́̏̃͜ ̴̛̣͙͉̔̎̒̇́ ̴͙̘̘̱͓̓͆̏͆̀̃̆̃M̶̢̧̧̝̯̰̗͔̫͐͗͂͒͐͒̿͑̉̓͠ ̶͙̦̹͔̘̯͆̑Ơ̴̢͎̬̤̓̈́̎̈̀͋̈̉͊̃͝ ̶̨̰̥̗̱͉̥͓̲͓͖̟̮̖͚̓̆̽̾̚͝N̷̡̰̰̳̦̘̮͖̜̘̠̣͇̤̅́̑̃̍͛̂̂̇͗̓͊̀ͅ ̶̱̘͚͖̔̇̓Ị̸̤͚͇̩̫͙͙̖͍̈́̑͒͊̋̓̐͆͒̊̚͝͠ ̸̟̖̺̜̦̝̂͑͆́̓͆̾͋͆̕̕͝K̸̨̧̨̳̟̼͚̜̣̤̰̭̦̎̏̾̍̌̐̎̅̇̉̍̎̅̕͝ ̷̩̘̲̣͖͕͖͓̼̗̋̑A̸̛̳̟̯͍̺̿̄̈̈͗͒̑̀̂͐̽͐͝ . . →SWIPE TO SEE THE COLLAGE→ . . #DDLC #myart #illustration #drawing #draw #sketchbook #sketch #copic #instaart #instagood #digitalart #photooftheday #instaartist #artoftheday #animeart #manga #mangaart  #animedrawing #animeartist #animearts #mangadrawing #animefan #animedraw #dokidokiliteratureclub #monika #justmonika #dokidoki

A post shared by Fe-chan 🎨❤ (@karen_kasane) on

Just in time for Valentine’s, indie developer Copychaser Games released Speed Dating for Ghosts.

Available on Steam and on, this text-based visual novel/dating sim retails at $9.99, $11.03 when bundled with its downloadable original soundtrack.

You play as a ghost, milling around in the afterlife. Fran, the antlered dating coordinator, welcomes you and lays down the ground rules.

After picking a room to go in, you sit at a table and strike up a conversation with each suitor.

Of course, you’re making a first impression as you navigate the right conversation options. Just like any other date, you exchange pleasantries and small talk…except instead of “What do you do for a living?”, the common conversation fodder is how you died, where you haunt, etc.

Each candidate has a distinctive backstory, personality, motivation, and outlook on life and death.

You get to know the ghosts in the room through two rounds of dating, then you have the opportunity to get to know them on a more personal level on a date…whether it’s a seance, a bank robbery, or just a pleasant journey through the woods. Each ghost carries an emotion that defined them in life– vengeance, determination, malice, fear.

As you interact with them, each spectre faces its turmoil. When it comes to self-development, soul-searching can be unfamiliar but ultimately fulfilling. Each date concludes with the reveal of your date’s tombstone in the graveyard.

With a wry sense of humor and diverse reflections on the state of the afterlife, the game offers a unique twist on the solemn subject of death.

One of my favorite moments is at the beginning. When the dating coordinator asks if you came to the mixer to help your loneliness, you can reply that you are fine and don’t need love or friendship.

She remarks that if that is how you feel, then it is your personal decision, and you get an early ending…alone and eating ramen and hot dogs. It’s definitely a relatable moment for any introvert who’s not ready for commitment.

The game is notably progressive, allowing you to date masculine and feminine ghosts. Then again, gender is a social construct. Also, all of the spirits have morphed into abstract and eerie entities. That being said, the ghost of the athlete has a nice set of abs.

With a minimal but quirky art style, a chill soundtrack by Grankle, and branching dialogues with a total of 10 characters, the game is surprisingly charming.

Although the game length is short (around an hour), the game’s unlockable achievements offer replay value. Speed Dating for Ghosts’ simplicity and brevity are understandable considering it is the first game production by Copychaser Games.

The small team includes former Bioware developer Ben Gelinas (who worked on titles like Dragon Age and Mass Effect) and writer/indie rapper Mikey Hamm.

Thankfully, we can expect more to come. On February 19th, in a Steam Community community post, Copychaser Games stated:

“Buoyed by the game’s positive response, there are definitely plans to update with some degree of added content in the future. No word yet on when that will happen and to what capacity. But we’ll keep everyone updated via Steam and the newsletter!”

Finally, when it comes to finding your soulmate, you can get ghosted… in a good way.

Digital sperm app on your phone lets you know if you have whack jizz

In a world where whack jizz could lead to the extinction of humans, sperm cell count is very important.

But, having to go to the doctor regarding how many strong swimming sperm cells can be awkward AF.

That’s why YO has created a sperm testing kit that you can conduct right in the comfort of your home on your smartphone.

The YO Home Sperm Test might be a little hot-boy, but it is convenient as hell. Men curious about their sperm count can get the FDA approved kit via Amazon Prime and have it shipped to their cribs in two days.

Once your package has arrived the next step is downloading the app. When the app is downloaded the rest is up to you.

(YO Home Sperm Test)

After you do the dirty deed into a cup, your jizz is combined with a powder that turns pink.

The pink jizz cocktail is then smeared onto a test slide and then slid into a device that connects to your camera for your sperm cells to be seen from a microscopic view.

(YO Home Sperm Test)

When you’re done fapping it, testing, and realize that your sperm count is Gucci or whack, you’re probably going to want to sterilize your phone.

Well, no worries because the test kit comes with a very thin antiseptic napkin that is guaranteed to get any residue you might have gotten on your phone.

Regardless if you’re a straight shooter or not, still clean your phone because you just used it to test your sperm.

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I guess this could be a good thing for men as this is one of the first male reproductive health apps of its kind. Which is why CEO and co-owner of YO, Marcia Deutsch, wanted to revolutionize fertility status awareness for males.

In an interview with Digital Trends, she said,

“The explosion of apps and wearables dedicated to optimizing the chance of pregnancy is evidenced [by the fact] that people crave more awareness of their fertility status… However, the bulk of these new technology tools cater to women. No other company is tackling male reproductive health in this manner.”

She added,

“If a man is producing 100 million sperm and they are all dead or not swimming, it’s useless to know your sperm concentration is ‘normal.’ The key is to assess sperm that are moving, as these are the sperm that will fertilize an egg during normal conception.”

If you’re having trouble having a baby this might be a technology worth copping.

Check it out for yourself below and see how this jizz testing kit really works. Good luck!