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Bang! These are the most hilarious live sports calls of all time

Sports announcers are a vital part of the viewing experience. They either make the entire game unwatchable or engage with the game, or audience, to such a degree that it makes that given sporting event better.

Sportscasters have to form a relationship with the audience and stay present throughout a broadcast to keep the watcher informed, but also keep a solid distance as to not intrude on the viewer’s space.

The most difficult aspect of being a sportscaster is being able to adapt to completely unexpected circumstances in the blink of an eye.

While it’s that unpredictability that makes us love sports, it can be a damn hard thing to describe when some wild shit goes down all the sudden and now the announcer has to characterize this thing to millions of people.

In the video above, we breakdown some of the most hilarious moments throughout sports broadcasting history. Most of these are born out of confusion or some anomalous and unprecedented events suddenly going down. Either way shit is hilarious.

So for these sportscasters, it’s not necessarily how you call the standard play-by-play. Greatness is determined by how you respond to sudden adversity and if these calls are any indication, some rise to the occasion, while others fall oh so very flat.