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How singer Annalise Azadian moves in faith and not in fear

Having faith in yourself is not as easy as it sounds but for singer-songwriter Annalise Azadian, it’s second nature. The NYC-based artist has come a long way in her career and at 23 she’s on one hell of a musical journey.

From her pre-teen years, the self-taught artist was playing the piano and songwriting. At 14, Azadian was performing at the Apollo. Then at 16 she would graduate high school early and get accepted into one of the best music colleges in the world, Berklee.

After one year Azadian would drop out because of opportunities to record music in NYC. Can you imagine traveling back and forth on a bus for five hours just to perfect your passion then going to class in the morning? That would be draining.

Thus, Azadian made the ultimate decision to go for the music, especially after she met and performed for Busta Rhymes. He delivered some encouraging words, “You’re a star.”

Destined for stardom, DJ Enuff would host her on his couch for nine months until she got a little side gig doing accountant work. Still, her craft kept on calling her to become a full-time musician.

She couldn’t focus and decided to hold down a job at Billionaire Boys Club where she would build connections in the fashion industry and enough courage to embrace her faith in her music career.

“Move in faith, not in fear…”

With her hands on the reins of life, Azadian is now looking forward to her first live band performance at the Bowery Electric on May 16. It’s awesome to see a younging on her grind accomplishing what seems to be impossible at times to us.

It takes a lot of courage to chase your dreams and if you’re trying to align your self on the same path as Azadian she gave some keywords of wisdom.

“I want to be a legend. I’m in it for longevity. These things don’t come easy and even when life knocks you down 100 times you have to get up 101 times. You never know. It could be right around the corner and you could give up everything you worked for. If you got to get it on your own and you have no one supporting you, you better get it on your own…”

If you have the chance, pull up to Azadian’s performance at the Bowery Electric on Thursday. It’s finna be lit. Click here for tickets.