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Meek Mill tells us what his next moves are on Angie Martinez’s #OneofOne

#FREEMEEK flooded social media for 169 days.

Headlines digitally printed on the world’s leading new sources bore the Philadelphia rapper’s name as the entire US stood up for someone who had been done wrong by a justice system that was instilled to “help.”

Now, since the rapper has been released from prison, he’s on a media tour of a different kind. One that is a fight for criminal justice reform.

Thus far, Mill has been featured on NBC’s Dateline and CNN but his recent interview with Angie Martinez for her new Tidal special One of One was really one for the culture.

If you don’t have a Tidal account this interview is definitely a must watch and you can sign up for a month trial here.

During his interview with “The Voice of New York” Mill told his story, shared the experiences that have gotten him to where he is today, and discussed how his recent experiences will affect his new music and social activism.

The takeaways from this interview are incredible. Here’s what we can learn from the new Meek Mill. Check it out below.

Mill will use his platform for those who are voiceless

Mill comes from a situation that is unforgivable and he understands that with the God-given platform that was handed to him he needs to be more responsible.

As you know he is a street rapper. Through his hard-hitting music, he has dropped lyrical gems for those who can relate to the “struggles of minorities” like himself.

Now he’s looking to take his inspirational lyrics beyond the studio. His situation should be seen as a sacrifice and with it, he plans on being a voice for those who were wrongly convicted and are still in jail unable to get a trial.

He hasn’t forgotten those who are still tied up in the justice system outside of jail and are on parole. When these individuals are unable to obtain a job or are prevented from pursuing a higher education because of their “criminal record,” what choice do they have other than turning back to the streets? SMH!

It’s proven that these guys need a voice that has a huge platform like Meek Mill. Lowkey because of the rapper’s legal team revealing that it was a corrupt cop who arrested Mill that day for popping a wheelie, three people arrested by the cop have had their cases thrown away. Others who weren’t as lucky are getting the trial that they deserve.

Mill wants you to know that this system is set up for us to fail.

Kanye saying that slavery was a choice shocked the world – man he’s so gone – and Mill addressed the fact he had a choice to get out of his impoverished situation but it was not his choice to be born into a system that was designed for all minorities to fail.

Think of it this way, imagine if no one put a camera on those two black young men who were arrested for “Starbuckin While Black,” would those two boys have served more time in jail than just a couple of hours? Most definitely! Police contact shouldn’t be a violation, ya dig.

During the interview with Martinez, Meek brought up some valid points and discussed how hard it was just to see his son without the permission of his probation officer. Just to pick up his son from school was brolic AF!

Even when he copped his first charge at 19, Mill spoke on how silly the police report sounded. The cops who arrested him stated that he had pulled out a gun on two out of the 10 cops during a drug bust.

The funny thing is not one shot was fired and during these trying times, we know that a cop will pull a gun on a minority for anything. Especially getting caught red-handed during a drug deal.

History proves this. Just look at the case of Amadou Diallo back in 1999. The unarmed  Black man was shot 41 times for pulling out his wallet the cops “thought was a gun.” Then we can fast forward to 2018 and the fatal shooting of Stephon Clark who was shot in his grandmother’s backyard for pulling out a cell phone. It just doesn’t add up YO.

That one incident trapped Mill in the corrupt American justice system for 12 years. No one should ever have to endure that kind of torture

Mill has big moves for criminal justice reform in the works

“People screaming free Meek while they have their own family members in jail…,” said the Philadelphia rapper to Martinez.

The amount of support the rapper received while he was locked up shocked Mill and with that, he knows that every single move he makes must be directed to helping those without a voice.

This is why the street rapper has joined forces with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, and Amazon Studios. The successful movie studio and the world’s most known rappers plan to release a documentary series which will examine his arduous journey through the criminal justice system during the past decade.

Hopefully, Meek’s story of injustice will bring to light a narrative he doesn’t want to disappear. Plus, you already know that we are about to get the fire drops from the Dream Chasers artist. It’s only a matter a time.

Until then check out the playlist that got Mill through the 169 days he was incarcerated.