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Aleem Bilal provides harmony through neutrality in his music

It is scientifically proven that people with purpose release more endorphins. Now, don’t worry about what exact medical journal that derives from, because applying pressure through your passion is universally recognized as ideal. One man who refuses to conform to the norm, especially through his project “Watered With Love” is Aleem Bilal.

We got the chance to chop it up with Aleem and dissect this most recent project. Tap in to see what transpired.

watered with love
From the concrete who knew that a flower would grow (via All Verb No Convo)

Our introduction to Aleem Bilal

I make music, I’m an interesting, up-close-and-personal guy. I am a bold individual.

Aleem Bilal

Kulture Hub: Where are you reigning from?

AB: I’m reigning from Washington D.C. I was born in Ankara, Turkey, since my pops was in the military we ended up there.

KH: How would you describe your most recent mixtape?

AB: It is a neutral and very personal album. This is a very intimate project. You’re going to have different ranges of emotions on the album. I made it for numerous reasons.

KH: Okay, and I’d like to dive into the track Real Sunnahs (pronounced soo’nuhs) – what are some real sunnahs that you live by? 

AB: Growing up Muslim some real sunnahs are living peaceful, having ease in your life and bringing it to other people. The real sunnahs are the real prayers that you should have for yourself in the future. 

I think everybody should feel free from whatever they feel is oppressing them.

AB the Pro

Watered with Love

AB: My project is called Watered with Love because it’s about giving nutrients. Whatever goodness I got – I’m just trying to put it back in the world. I know I’m not gonna last forever, so it’s a job to connect with people and engage. Simple bars. I’m just trying to make myself more practical.

KH: “You are not a specialist, you are not a martyr, you’re a working citizen but you’re not blue collar.” I like that bar. So then, what are ya?

AB: I’m from the new generation where we learn to work smarter and not harder. We’re learning about stock, we’re learning about better business ethics – our generation is moving forward into an independent way of thinking.

Aleem Bilal uses neutrality to his benefit

So there you have it – Aleem Bilal is a very laid-back individual who knows his role and applies himself with excellent timing and placement. As a neutral individual, he stays firmly in the middle of what piques his interests.

Look for him to elevate consistently and tune into his socials to get the read on merchandise, concerts, and future offerings from him and his All Verb No Convo collective.