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Twitter claps back at ‘Aladdin’ trailer featuring a very blue Will Smith

Oops! It seems as if the Aladdin movie due to hit screens this May isn’t receiving the right kind of hype. The new trailer looks dope and reveals an exciting adventure we can all remember, that is until Will Smith appears Genie.

We can’t front the all blue floating Smith gave us the heebie-jeebies and in all honesty, he just looks weird AF… Sorry, Will.

When pictures of Genie in human form first hit the web we were all so eager to peep what Smith would actually look like before Aladdin was granted his last wish. We waited months and now that that the actual trailer has come out it feels as if the web feels let down.

Yeah, it’s still a little early to pass judgment and we still have hope for the childhood favorite Disney flick but sheesh Willie looks absolutely braze! Trust that we felt the hype as Aladdin rubbed his lamp and we waited for the blue mythical being to smoke out of his crib.

Our eyes glowed and were glued to our mobile phone screens, laptops, and tablets as we waited for the iconic moment only to be let down at 45′ seconds into the highly anticipated trailer.

This for sure was a “special look” into what’s to come in May when Aladdin officially drops. Still, that didn’t stop the Twitterverse from clapping back at the half-human, half-CGI attempt to bring the animated Genie to life.

You can’t make this stuff up. One that really got us was a comparison to Tobias Funke when he attempted to become a member of the Blue Man Group…

Check out the disappointment in Genie 1.0’s face when he peeped himself in human form.

The roasting continues… Homie compared it to the genie in Sims. We’re dead!

Some people are actually terrified.  Look at this Shining reference. Here’s GENIE!

Stay tuned as the roasting continues. There’s sure to be more of it when Aladdin hits theaters May 24. Again, sorry, Will.