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Akeem Ali is the new rapper keeping jive turkeys in check

Pimping never dies. It only evolves and thrives. Following in that tradition is Jackson, Mississippi artist, Akeem Ali.

The pimp persona is a staple of hip-hop, setting the groundwork for storytellers like Too $hort, Suga Free, and the legendary Pimp C.

Introducing Keemy Casanova: Akeem Ali’s pimp alter ego

So, who is Akeem Ali? Well, the Missippi rapper has been making quite a name for himself on Social Media with the release of his single, “Keemy Casanova.”

The song is a throwback to the prime pimp age of the 70s with a video that makes Ali look slicker than Richard Roundtree in the original Shaft. 

It’s still at its core, hip-hop. Ali weaves in and out of bars with a flow thats “colder than Nova Scotia” and every much his own unique southern style.

The open-collared shirt, the old school camera recording, and a beautiful lady at his side complete the Superfly aesthetic he goes for. He’s the pimp we didn’t know we needed, but also the one we deserve.

The Kassanova Supreme.

Pimp! Pimp! HOORAY!

Good things come to those who wait. The same can be said for the Missippi rapper.

“Keemy Casanova” was released over two months ago but has been catching steady attention over the last few weeks.

Akeem Ali has caught the attention of hip-hop heavyweights like Snoop Dogg and 9th Wonder with his name growing online more and more each day with the latest look for Ali being featured as a guest on Chico Bean and Karlous Miller’s “Eighty Vybe” show. 

The future is bright like a shade in the light

The future is bright for the young artist. Akeem Ali is on his way to building a body of work. His 2019 project “Rollin” brings the same soul and vibe of his recent single while building upon his clever wordplay and southern charm.

The momentum an artist needs is on his side now due to his recent social media buzz.

Only a matter of time before the world has to kiss Keemy Casanova’s ring.