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The new bae standard: Couples that create together grow together

Couples that create together grow together.

Do you know that saying of how creating a child makes a couple closer than they’ve ever been? Why not apply it to your creative craft.

There’s plenty of influencer couples, YouTuber partners, and media creating lovebirds out there to prove the point that creativity helps build lasting romances.

Not convinced? Here are our five creative couples that make fire content.

Naz and Mel

The couple began dating when the two still lived in Ohio and their relationship is sporadically documented through Nazanin Kavari’s YouTube channel. The duo is now married, living in L.A. and are expecting their first child.

Nazanin is usually at the forefront of the videos they make with lifestyle, makeup, skincare, and fashion content. Mel often shoots the videos and does all the editing. Mel is also a photographer.

They regularly post Q&A videos and vlogs together as they build their life together.

Tylan and Anthony

Tylan often features his husband Anthony on his YouTube channel. With plenty of pranks and much need content that’s not just pinkwashing and white gay centered.

A lot of their content is also educational as well as anecdotal. Tylan’s YouTube channel is both just an authentic black gay man’s life but also a beacon of acceptance and positivity for young LGBTQ audiences who look up to him.

AK The Savior and Uzumaki Cepeda


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The Instagram famous couple recently celebrated their 1 year anniversary this January. AK the Savior is a hip-hop/rap artist and one-half of The Underachievers. Uzumaki is an installation artist and eccentric model.

They regularly post their art and music on social media and it’s clear their styles mesh together perfectly.

Donna & Brinton

This YouTube duo manages a channel together where they react, vlog and prank each other as many YouTube couples do. The couple is extremely humorous and playful at all times.

They upload regularly with plenty of silly content.

Meaux and Bam

Meaux and Bam are a lesbian interracial couple that share a YouTube Channel together called Meaux and Bam TV. The couple regularly posts vlogs, makeup and skincare videos, Q&A, and travel videos.

They’re a #femme4femme couple, something that is not always represented authentically through media.