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10 affordable photography gift ideas for your creative homies

Looking for affordable photography gift ideas for your creative homie?

No matter the occasion, Christmas, a birthday, etc.,a lot of us work hard to hunt for the perfect and affordable gift. If your gift recipient is a photographer, navigating the seemingly endless options of photography gear can be tricky.

But with the help of some professionals, we’ve compiled an ultimate photography gift guide to help you find the perfect something for your photographer friends and loved ones.

1. For the mobile shooter: The ring light for iPhone

For your iPhone photographers, a ring light that attaches to their iPhone is the perfect photographer present.

This allows for great lighting even during the winter, when there’s only three hours of daylight.

$15.99 on Amazon

2. Every shutterbug needs a memory card holder

Being a working photographer (or a very prolific amateur) often means that you have an abundance of memory cards that are hard to keep track of. Memory cards are perfect photographer presents because they are essential.

Get them a simple case that will allow them to organize and carry all of those memory cards. 

$10.49 on Amazon

3. Keep photographers creating with studio hours, gift cards, and dark room access

“A package of studio hours that you could use in the future would be a very good and smart gift,” says Tatiana Katkova (@photo_tatianakatkova on IG).

This way, the photographer has access to a studio whenever they need it. You can reach out to local studios to see if they can offer gift cards.

Check out Splashlight Studios when you get a chance.

Julia Zaharova (@zaharova_photo) suggests getting a gift card to print photos as a perfect photographer present. 

This will allow the film photographer in your life to develop their film rolls whenever they need. You can easily get these online at or go by your local film store and see what options they have.

Adorama also holds it down with the gift cards (click here).

4. For the film buff: Film rolls, disposable or reusable cameras

If you are gifting to a photographer who prefers to shoot on film, gifting them rolls of film, or a dope disposable /reusable camera can be a perfect affordable photography gift idea.

A photographer can never have enough film, so giving them however many rolls will always be appreciated. What’s even cooler?

Manual just dropped their reusable camera. Currently, $75 their Reusable Camera_001 is a compact, sleek, and fully manual 35mm film camera. It comes with a built-in flash and can be used with any 35mm film roll – color or B/W.

Their disposable options ($15) come equipped with 27 exposures and are loaded with 400 ISO Fujicolor Film. Add an extra $13 and development is included.

Still, your phottographing homie might have a specific type of film they prefer, like “hand-spooled Kodak vision 3 500t cut to fit 35mm film photography,” which @troadeclucas specifically asked for. So it might be good to check if they have a preference. 

To shop Manual (click here) or to check out B&H Photo for specific film preferences (click here).

5. Keep it colorful with a set of gels

Whether the photographer is a pro or an excited beginner, gels will add another level of experimentation to their photography.

$29.95 on B&H Photo

6. Keep it CoZ with sensory gloves, camera shields, or camera housing

While maybe not the coolest gift, mittens or gloves can be lifesavers for photographers that like to shoot outdoors in winter. Freezing fingers means less stability in the hands which can lead to blurry shots. Help to prevent that by keeping their hands toasty. 

Not to mention how much a camera shield or housing can help during intense shoots or extreme weather conditions.

Shop AquaTech gear and more (click here)

7. Inspire with a subscription to National Geographic

It’s always a good idea to give them something that inspires. Looking through the magazine, they are sure to find inspiration for their next shoot. 

Plus when it comes to affordable photography gift ideas this one option that definitely won’t break the bank.

Subscribe to Nat Geo for $19/yr (click here)

8. Motivate that super creative homie with a new camera

If the photographer has definitely made the nice list and you’re looking to splurge, getting them a new camera could make a great gift.

Options include but are definitely not limited to a Leica camera, which is Serebe Kironde’s (@serebenyc) wish list, or a Canon, as suggested by photographer Ahmed Mobarez (@ahmedmobarezz).

For an extra thoughtful gift, you could figure out the camera their favorite photographer uses and surprise them with a similar model. Miami-based Luis Quezeda (@luisquezedaphotography) has “the same camera Herb Ritts used” on his wish list.

This is the Mamiya RZ67 film camera with a Sekor 180mm lens.

9. Change their perspective with a new lens

“I would say a fisheye lens would be an amazing gift. For fashion photography more specifically,” said Michèle (@melanebony).

Whether you’re gifting to an iPhone photographer or a photography veteran, you’ll be able to find various camera lens sets that will surely up their photography game. 

Browse your camera options on B&H (click here)

10. Get em out of their comfort zone with a film camera

Especially when you’re gifting to someone who usually shoots digitally, the film camera will offer them new ways to experience photography.  

“I’ve just gotten a film camera as a gift from my husband.  We all mostly shoot digital and getting a film camera is something next level, like a perfect toy to create art,” said Anna Turayeva (@conceptica on IG).

Browse affordable secondhand film cameras (click here).

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