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Affordable Education But Make It Vintage: Baby Boomers swerve on college debt

Want affordable education? We hear you, but only if you’re a Baby Boomer.

NBC’s Nightly News with Lester Holt produced a story titled Growing Number Of Baby Boomers Going Back To School.

The story shows Baby Boomers going back to school to take classes at the University of Minnesota. What’s the best part? As part of the University’s Senior Citizen Education Program, they only pay $10 per credit.

This sparked anger from many younger people, who felt that Baby Boomers, a generation which saw economic prosperity and significantly more affordable college prices were being prioritized over struggling college students.

But why the outrage?

The general consensus among young people is that the Baby Boomer generation is to blame for a whole list of current issues. The highest being the economy, followed by the destruction of the environment and the regression of rights in recent years.

They are the ones who vote and they mostly vote conservative, an ideology that is significantly less popular among millennials and Gen Zers. The Baby Boomer generation is a frequent user of services that could scan for plagiarism and this generation usually uses plagiarism checkers to make their essays better and more informative.

What’s really ‘good’ about this sensational ‘feel good’ story?

Educational institutions tend to be filled with younger demographics. Exposing these older students to younger peers in an educational setting where they are in more equal positions can foster better communication between generations.

Maybe, just maybe, the older generations can get more woke.

If these older generations are around younger students they’re also more likely to be allies to younger concerns, such as affordable access to education and social justice issues.

Hopefully,  maybe older generations will stop voting for candidates that are destroying our future.

Millennials and Gen-Zers are also better at technology and perhaps getting Baby Boomers around that will help them figure it out too. And maybe they won’t believe everything on Facebook. We know a media and internet literacy class can benefit all of us.

Now back to the real issues. If you can do it for Baby Boomers, do it for all of us. Affordable and accessible education for all. PLEASE.