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Dress To Impress: 5 Essential Accessories For Every Fly Guy

Your personal style is your calling card. Essential accessories make an impression and let people know what you are all about without saying a word. A well-dressed man never goes out of style. Whether you prefer a laid back casual look or like to button it up for the office or a night out, how you dress says a lot about how you live your life.

Dressing well doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to break the bank buying brand name or designer clothes and shoes. Putting together a sharp outfit is all about having quality items to combine together into the right look for you. 

A quality tailored jacket off the rack can make a much better statement and keep you warmer during those cold midwestern winters than designer clothing that’s wrinkled and ill-fitting.

Getting dressed doesn’t stop with your clothes and shoes. In fact, your personal style is often best reflected in the details of your outfit. A unique belt, the perfect hat or a stunning watch can help you add just the right touch to any outfit. For formal occasions, you can find a bracelet or ring to help you shine at Chicago Jewelry.

Let’s take a look at a quick list of the essential accessories that every well-dressed man should have in his wardrobe.


Spending a bit of money on a good watch is never a bad investment. Fewer people today wear watches regularly and only check the time on their phones, but a stylish watch is a classic choice that will never go out of style.

You can choose between various styles from stainless steel to leather and gold. When you pick a timepiece, make sure that it is suitable for your lifestyle and durable so that it will last for many years. You can even get a watch with interchangeable bands so you can change it up to suit any occasion.


If you want to project an image of success it’s important to have a slick and stylish wallet. A simple leather wallet is a great choice. Stay away from man-made fabrics, zippers and velcro enclosures. If you prefer something smaller you can also invest in a simple silver or gold money clip. 


The saggy-pants trend was never a good look and a well-dressed man would never be caught without a good belt. A quality leather belt can help you complete any look. Black and brown are the most versatile colors. 

It’s a good idea to keep your choice of belts simple. Anything that is too flashy may only work for a few occasions. If you want to add a bit of your own personality, you can start a belt buckle collection. 


A masculine bracelet can be a versatile and attractive accessory for any man. Whether your style leans more toward a casual leather braided band or you like a bit of a flash of gold and silver; a bracelet can add a touch of personality to your look.


Nothing finishes off a look like a statement hat. Hats are making a comeback in all shapes, sizes, and styles. From a casual beanie style hat to a slicker, more formal fedora or cap, hats are a great look for any man.

Make sure to try on a few different hat styles to match your face shape to the right hat. Don’t be afraid to add a bit of color to really make a statement. 


You don’t have to dress to the nines every day to be a well-dressed man. Taking the time to put together a “look” can have a powerful impact on the impression you make and how you feel. Project your individual style to the world and make sure that you have all the right accessories to help you look your best.