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Abroadfest 2018 is here and it’s going to be bigger than ever before

Studying abroad is one thing every college student dreams of at some point in their career. Studying in different cultures is important for growth, experience, and an understanding of the world around us.

And them European parties? Forget about it.

In 2013, Abroadfest was first presented by De Lis Group and Prime Social Group as a festival event for students studying abroad in Europe.

Last year, the destination chosen was Barcelona, considering its reputation as the continent’s capital party city, with plenty of clubs, hotels, food, DJs, and festival accommodations it was the perfect location for the event.

A few years ago, De Lis Group (DLG) represented by co-founder Kike Rodriguez and Prime Social Group (PSG) represented by co-founder Zach Ruben produced a successful show with Afrojack in Barcelona.

When recognizing the potential of their audience, Rodriguez, Ruben, and other partners created Abroadfest under the intentions of “stretching the experience into a full weekend.”

“The purpose of Abroadfest is to bring together friends and strangers, studying and living all over the world to share this once in a lifetime weekend-long experience in Barcelona,” shares Rodriguez.

The project, which is entering its 6th year, has progressed forward in terms of entertainment options and the audience involved.

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Blake LaMagna shares her own experience from the time he was at school, and compares it to the growing number of abroad students today.

“The progression and number of students willing to study abroad in all different countries Spain, Italy, France, Israel, Australia, etc. has grown tremendously. I studied abroad in the city of Barcelona back in 2015 and since then, have had countless students and friends reach out to me to ask me about my experience or to let me know they chose to study abroad as well.”

For others, studying abroad isn’t the easiest thing in the world. LaMagna says that Abroadfest is helping students who would otherwise not be interested in such an event come out of their college bubble.

“More students are seizing the opportunity to have this once in a lifetime experience living in a different country, visiting countless cities and adding those unforgettable memories to their overall college experience.”

As Abroadfest continues to grow, new venues and new talent can be expected on the long list of the event’s ongoing progression.

LaMagna wraps up her Abroadfest questionnaire with a bit of mystery:

“I can’t tell you what’s next for Abroadfest because that’ll spoil the surprise, but what I can assure you is that you’ll want to come along for the ride and find out. We hope to see every student studying abroad at Abroadfest 2018!”

Going to study abroad? Want to meet your friends abroad? Consider Abroadfest for your 2018 getaway. With all the history and sites Europe has to offer, Abroadfest is the perfect guide to your 2018 European vacation.

Abroadfest 2018 tickets are available now.

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