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The Cozy Boys are keeping A$AP Yams’ legacy alive with the Too Cozy Tour

J. Scott (aka A$AP Snacks) and A$AP Lou are the Cozy Boyz. A duo that is both a part of the larger A$AP Mob and its own separate entity.

Between touring with A$AP Mob and performing their own sets, the Cozy Boys are some of the busiest dudes in music, but how did the unlikely duo get to this point?

Initially, J. Scott and Lou were part of another branch of A$AP Mob called BlackOutBoyz, the Mob’s DJ collective and collaboration with independent radio label Know Wave.

After Yams passed in January of 2015, Lou and J. Scott joined forces to carry on his legacy together, forming their own duo as Cozy Boys. “Cozy” has been used a lot within the A$AP Mob’s career, with the Mob’s albums named the Cozy Tapes volumes 1 and 2.


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This is another Yams creation, as Lou and Scott told Hypebeast last year,

“So Yams had really started the ‘Cozy’ lingo movement years ago and we had been calling ourselves that within our crew, so it gradually became Cozy Boys with me and Lou just continuing on what A$AP Yams had started and what he wanted to do after he passed.”

They are just continuing Yams’ legacy of excellence.

Scott and Lou have had very different routes to get to their positions in A$AP Mob and Cozy Boys. J. Scott knew Yams for a minute before Rocky, Ferg, and the rest of the Mob blew up. As he told Hypebeast,

“I had known A$AP Yams for a long time prior to everything, so we had been friends (even though I’m from ATL) and when things started to take off I was around to help.”

Whereas Lou was just a fan. As the story goes, Lou was wiling one night at a Rocky show and the rapper noticed the brazy dude in the crowd and pulled him up on stage. Lou says, “The rest is history.”

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After dropping the Cozy Tapes Vol. 2, A$AP Mob just embarked on their Too Cozy Tour this month. With the Cozy Boys backing them and DJing, they’ll driving the turn up the whole time.

The 19-show cross country tour started in Boston last weekend and hits everywhere from New York to Philly and Houston to LA to name a few. They’re also have Cozy Boys merch online so you can stay cozy when they pull up to your city.

Too Cozy Tour Cozy Boys Merch available at all tour dates

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With Playboi Carti, Key!, Smooky Margielaa and the whole Mob playing hits from Cozy Tapes 1 and 2, who knows what other surprises they’ll have over the next month.

At the end of the day, it’s the Cozy Boys at the heart of the whole movement. By keeping shit as turnt, and cozy, as possible, Lou and J. Scott are doing their thing and keeping Yams’ legacy very much alive.

You not cozy if you not copping this.

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