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Legendary 2000’s rap group Little Brother is reuniting: Why it matters

Say what you will about the new era of hip-hop with SoundCloud and mumble rappers bracing the scene, but thanks to the digital age, you can get your hands on just about anything you want.

Because hip-hop is as popular as it’s ever been there are more artists to pick from; the elder statesmen, like the Jay Z, Pusha T, and Nas’ of the world, are proving longevity can exist, not to mention the genre’s overall collective consciousness is still maturing.

In other words, there should no longer be complaints about what rap has to offer.

Which is why the early 2000’s hip-hop group Little Brother announcing a return couldn’t have been at a better time.

Yesterday, DJ Booth reported that the Durham North Carolina trio comprised of MCs Phonte (born Phonte Coleman) Big Pooh (born Thomas Jones) and DJ/producer 9th Wonder (born Pat Douthit), are back to working together with the announcement of Hopscotch Festival.

“I’m excited to announce that my brother Big Pooh and I are back at work. New Little Brother music and a tour are coming soon,” Phonte wrote in an email to DJBooth.

He continued: “After conversations with 9th Wonder following our Art of Cool reunion show in Durham last year, the three of us mutually agreed it was best for LB to continue as a duo, as Pooh and I have officially been Little Brother since 2007.”

The two should fare well in today’s waters seeing they both have had solo releases and successes.

Big Pooh has been consistent with content, releasing albums just about every two years including the critically acclaimed Everything 4 Sale in 2016. And Phonte’s 2018 offering, No News Is Good News, was an honest look into a coping with death after the loss of his father.

Because the new era of rap tends to be this angsty, drug-use inspired sound that’s fun but exhausting, mature raps that tell life’s events over soul samples, like what Little Brother offers, is a sound that will most definitely find it’s fanbase.

Besides, Phonte and Big Pooh are regarded as some of the best MC’s in the game and 9th Wonder is on every hip-hop head’s Mt. Rushmore of producers — their music practically makes itself.

Like Phonte mentioned earlier, the group reunited briefly at the Art of Cool Festival in Durham, North Carolina last year, but the reunion this year between Phone and Pooh will also mean new releases as Little Brother.

Hopscotch Festival will take place in Raleigh, North Carolina, September 5 through September 7.