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The most raunchy moments in Cartoon Network TV show history

90s babies everywhere were shocked to hear the news that the iconic Cartoon Network is officially over with.

As a result of some corporate consolidation, Warner Bros. CEO David Zaslav announced that Cartoon Network Studios would now full under Warner Bros. animation, according to The Verge.

Of course content will still be available on streaming, however it’s safe to say we’ve seen this story with networks switching hands and it never works, especially for the viewers who want new content.

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Launched in 1992, Cartoon Network lasted a good 30 years and gave us classic shows like Ed, Edd n Eddy, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Johnny Bravo, Power Puff Girls, Dexter’s Labratory and so much more!

That’s not even including original Adult Swim shows like Rick & Morty or new ones like Adventureland.

A big reason why so many of these classics are loved to this day is because in many cases, the episodes were very ahead of the time. In face you can even say that thew were downright NSFW, let alone kids!

In honor of Cartoon Network and its greatness, here’s a throwback to some of their wildest moments:

Remember the time Johnny Bravo hooked up with a clown on a plane?

Probably because Johnny didn’t have much game with real women

When Dexter’s Labratory almost turned into Dexter’s Strip club. Only on Cartoon Network!

Speaking of Dexter, maybe he had some mommy issues

Just imagine your parents walking in during any of these Ed, Edd n Eddy episodes

Who else had nightmares after this Courage the Cowardly dog episode?

You think Power Puff Girls candy addiction was a metaphor for something?

Cartoon Network… what the hell was even this?!

No really, how were we all watching this as kids?

But seriously, we will always remember the Cartoon Network glory days