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Throwing down for Super Bowl LIV weekend? Here’s to doing it right

We are finally here: Super Bowl LIV weekend.

For the time being, gone are the polarizing and constantly-entrenched-in-scandal New England Patriots. No more are the defensive-minded Denver Broncos led by 60-year-old Peyton Manning who couldn’t throw the ball past 10 feet.

No longer do we have to watch Bill Belichick’s stoic face on the sideline and suffer through a scoreline that looks more like it should be for a hockey game than a football one.

The point is, for now, we have two franchises in the Super Bowl that have not been regulars here; both teams are new, young, and exciting.

The Chiefs are led by QB Patrick Mahomes, the most electric player in the NFL with the most explosive offense at his disposal. Then there are the 49ers. A team led by a defense that has stifled opponents at every turn.

These two heavyweights are matching up in a game that is set to be thrilling and has tons on the line for both teams. Even if neither of these teams are your favorite, if you’re a fan of football, you’re going to put this game on and want to keep it on for its entirety.

With so much on the line, with the unrivaled anticipation for this game, we wanted to take a look at an aspect of the game outside of the stadium and TV screen: how to best spend your Super Bowl Sunday.

Get your work done first, fam

We all want to get a little saucy on a Sunday night, and the Super Bowl gives the perfect excuse. But there are more important things to finish first, fam.

That drink tastes better when your work is done. That spliff hits different when that email is sent. That rendezvous is elevated when you get your sh*t done beforehand.

So, get it done during the day because kickoff isn’t until 6:30 pm EST fam. Treat yourself, but not until after you unburden yourself.

Spend it with people you truly appreciate

We all have those weddings we need to attend where we couldn’t care much for 80 percent of the people there.

Some of us have family gatherings where the majority of people stress us out. And some of us have friends that just annoy the waking f*** out of us with every new insensitive comment.

But Super Bowl Sunday is not a time to put yourself in an undesired position. For f***s sake, we don’t even have the next day off, just more work to get to. So give yourself the night off from the stress of unwanted visitors.

Say no to your uncle’s party. Say no to your friend asking if their childish friend can pull up too. Spend the night the way you want to spend it; you owe yourself that much.

Take it easy on the drinks

I know I previously said to treat yourself, and that definitely includes self-indulging with drinks. But I also said the majority of us have school or work the next day, so don’t dig yourself too deep a hole, family!

We’ve all been the unmerciful victims of a nasty, nasty hangover. Like Ramsay Bolton nasty. Wake up feeling like you got hit with a Conor McGregor side-kick or catapulted onto a rocky shore by a truck driven by Dale Earnhardt Jr.

So put down that last glass; save it for a rainy day. You’ll wake up glad that you did.

Enjoy the game and put your troubles aside

Sports are about detaching from our issues and reveling in the joy of a beautiful game.

The passion felt for the NFL is unlike any other sport in America. This means you must give yourself the night off from your worries, preferably because you helped to solve them during the day.

You deserve a night of food, funny commercials, beautiful football, and good friends. The combination of all of my directions is to enjoy yourself this night with solid preparation and love and appreciation for the things you care about.