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Lil Baby’s coming of age: A time capsule of the star’s rise through photos

Photos of Lil Baby help chronicle the rise of a certified superstar. Not only is Lil Baby a superstar artist, and mentor to those in the rap industry, but he is also an activist who speaks on what he knows is right.

2020 may not have been the year of prosperity for most, but for Lil Baby, he took full advantage of his stock already on an upward trajectory. Let us all face the music – Lil Baby is a problem child.

A fortified force to be reckoned with, Lil Baby has established himself as a mainstay within the hip-hop stratosphere. Let us not overlook the magnitude of the ‘Young Thug effect’ either.

Much like Gucci Mane did for countless folks from Atlanta, Thug training Gunna and Baby into absolute units worked wonders for their upbringing into the cut-throat music industry. 

With that, we shall reminisce on the moments that brought Baby into the rap world. Here are ten photos that encapsulate the brilliant emergence of Lil Baby 4 Pockets Full.

Moving in silence has always been a strong suit for Lil Baby & Gunna

lil baby photos
It’s Baby & Gunna (Credit: Cam Kirk)

Lil Baby’s early encounters in the rap game brought about humility and tribulation.

As is the case with anyone who desires massive success, the groundwork must be laid with hustle, dedication, and authentic marketability. Young Thug recognized that Lil Baby had the potential to be tremendous and stationed him in the studio for days on end. 

Gunna and Lil Baby rose to superstardom together. And still, the more grandiose their personas grow, the more difficult it becomes to stay low profile.

In this photo, it is apparent that Lil Baby and Gunna sensed stardom on the horizon

lil baby activist
Baby Birkin Tandem (Credit: Cam Kirk)

Rather than trying to succeed in the streets, Lil Baby put forth all of his prior experiences and wherewithal into the booth.

As many may know, it is difficult to leave a certain sector that rakes in profit in exchange for a lifestyle that may or may not lend the same lump sums.

Instead of attempting to balance the street life and the recording studio, Young Thug ensured that Lil Baby would perfect his craft by paying for his studio time.

And in this photo of Lil Baby and Gunna, it is clear the two know what they have in store. Thankfully, they adhered to glorious wisdom and begun to move strategically to bolster their prowess.

Baby catapults from good to great in the rap industry

lil baby photos
Lil Baby Poses 4 the Camera in Southern neighborhood (Credit: Tee Bundy)

Lil Baby’s foray into the rap game can be attributed to his ability to learn and apply himself.

It is a true story that he would pay Gunna to write his rhymes for him. Ghostwriter nonsense aside, this was a unique technique that LB employed to get his feet underneath him.

The music written by Gunna was never released as it was just a way for Baby to practice his delivery. This bond via collaboration proves lucrative as they both continue to increase their net worth exponentially each day.

And this photo of Lil Baby shows the stoicism he displays as real G’s move like lasagna…

Pack it up, ship it off to Iceland. Lil Baby is one of the coldest to grace the booth

The Drip is Infinite with this one – I think somebody faucet is leaking… Goodness (Credit: Tee Bundy)

The first time that most hip-hop enthusiasts caught wind of Lil Baby was when Quality Control released its “Control the Streets” group album.

Yes Indeed, the way that Lil Baby caught pockets on the songs, “Hook Up” and “1ST & 3RD” was extravagant. On those tracks, more prominent artists gave him the privilege of the last verse, and for somebody yet to prove their dominance, that is rather impressive and says a lot about him.

“Got a whole lotta new flames since I done blew.”

(Grace, 42 Dugg x Lil Baby)

Lil Baby is quite the multi-purposed threat in the rap industry

Bubble Parkas Scrape Marble Floors (Credit: Tyra Grayson)

The music industry is full of snakes and fakes but rather than feed into that buffoonery, Lil Baby puts on for his entire 4 Pockets Full collective unit.

Lil Baby reaps the lion’s share of the benefits but always manages to give back wholeheartedly. You could never catch him lacking or acting shady.

And these photos of Lil Baby show us that.

Lil Baby stays ready, so he doesn’t have to get ready. For any moment, at a moment’s notice. (Credit: Bun B)

James Harden and Baby know that opulence prevails

(Via @jharden13) “Celebrated our Birthdays yesterday but at this point this really everyday for us. And people think we be showin off. 🤷🏾‍♂️”

Just as Gucci did for Thug in the rap industry, Thug for Gunna, and Gunna for Lil Baby, they have built a vicious winning circle. Spreading the wealth, spewing knowledge, and sharing the game with those who deserve it will always prove useful.

James Harden is no stranger to scoring. He racked out for his new friend, Lil Baby, and dished him the rock with several lavish items. Opulence prevails.

Lil Baby’s drip is infinite, his flows are limitless and recognition is imminent

Lil Baby proudly hoists his Quality Control Records plaque in Hollywood, CA (Credit: Tee Bundy)

In this photo, Lil Baby shows that he is finally receiving recognition for being a superstar in the rap industry. There’s levels to this rap shit, and he’s up right now.

Regardless, it is magnificent to see someone from the broken neighborhoods win. Just keep in mind for every 100 people that make it, there are 1,000 who are starving.

Always pay it forward and provide for your family. Once you reach a certain point, you may choose to provide for the less fortunate as well.

Lil Baby the activist

lil baby activist
Lil Baby masks up and socially sets himself amidst the protests during the summer of 2020. (Credit: Janelle Wharton)

Lil Baby has firmly positioned himself as an activist willing to enact change with his funds and political stance.

Lil Baby’s song “The Bigger Picture” placed him firmly within the activist/advocate realm following the domino effect of George Floyd’s death.

A clear rally cry for justice and a nonviolent anthem – this song caused voices to erupt and wavelengths to be felt amongst those involved.

Lil Baby gives back and doesn’t expect anything in return

lil baby activist
Lil Baby Donates 1,000 Coats To The Birmingham, AL Community (Credit: Tyra Grayson)

With the funds garnered from that distinguished track for social justice, Lil Baby continued to pour back into the community. He donated 1,000 coats to the Birmingham, AL community as a result of the $1.5M he made from “The Bigger Picture.”

It is honorable to create generational wealth and legacy for your kin. It is even more noble to give back to those you don’t even know.

Lil Baby has glowed up in a major way this past year

4 Pockets Full of Paisleys (Credit: Gunner Stahl)

Lil Baby has clearly expanded his worth since his hip hop inception. It is evident in the clarity of his skin, the shine of his diamonds, and the clean length of his braids.

Lil Baby is shining in this photo, and he is clearly living his best life.

Baby understands the importance of collaboration

lil baby rap industry
Collaboration is Key (Credit: Gunner Stahl)

Gunna and Baby are a terrific tandem. These two relate so well in the booth and both come from humble beginnings. Their tracks mesh incredibly well and they are receiving the benefits they have always deserved.

Now we just need to know one more thing. When is this three-headed dragon collab going to drop? SHEESH!

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