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What is boudoir photography? A brief history of the style

The most crucial component of any boudoir photoshoot comes down to body positivity. The intimacy of boudoir photography requires an honest and welcoming style, and this is not so easily attained.

A woman’s body is perhaps the most elegant piece of art. For centuries the woman’s body has been praised by painters, sculptors, musicians, and artists of all forms.

Since human existence, they have valued it not only to communicate, but to represent beauty.

An early history of boudoir photography style

For example, Artemisia Gentileschi’s “Sleeping Venus” delivers an utterly feminine vision of the body. Venus is wearing nothing but a thin, transparent linen fabric as she drifts to sleep over a lavish red and gold cushion.

According to Mutual Art Magazine, “her body becomes a metaphor for idleness of life and the precise moment in time.”

Thus, the beauty of Gentileschi’s artwork lies in the body’s language and femininity. Yet, the painting is viewed as both pleasant and ostentatious because some just can’t get over the fact that a woman’s body is NOT taboo!

The 2004 Super Bowl showcased Janet Jackson’s nipple in a breathtaking fashion. Viewers everywhere were outraged that such a heinous occurrence could ever take place. 

Oh no! Our children saw a women’s bare breast! God forbid!

Then the very next commercial to air was an explicit advertisement for the newest Modern Warfare game – not an eye batted.

What is the importance of Boudoir photography?

The anatomy of a woman should not be disrespected or treated as taboo. It is to be revered, cherished and praised for the downright exquisite grace it provides to Earth.

Boudoir photography is an outlet where women can feel excruciatingly free in their styles. Free from pain, assumptions, and societal conditioning as to how you’re supposed to dress or posture yourself.

Thus, perhaps the best way to describe an artwork depicting a woman’s body in a sensual way is as “boudoir.”

The word, “boudoir” itself has French origins that translate directly to ‘upper-class woman.’ It has become popular because it favors the sensual rather than erotic nature of photography. It all comes down to making the subject feel comfortable and liberated.

Body positivity in boudoir photography

Everyone involved controls the direction in which they would like to portray themselves and their work. It all ultimately comes down to women growing more comfortable in male-dominated spaces.

As time goes on, women grow more confident and realize that all of the invisible shackles and glass ceilings placed upon them are meant to be broken and eclipsed. Boudoir photography is a magnificent way for women to freely inhabit a space and free themselves of any inhibitions. 

I wonder why we take from our women

Why we rape our women, do we hate our women?

I think it’s time to kill for our women

Time to heal our women, be real to our women.

Keep Ya Head Up – Tupac Shakur

And, it all stems from the fact that stereotypes and marginalization are meant to be outgrown. There is not anything that can define a person and their self-worth other than their damn self.

So, you will begin to see more and more women participate in these self-indulgent photoshoots because they deserve to do so. Boudoir photography absolutely requires body positivity.

Women empowerment

As boudoir photography grew, it became prominent in magazines. As a type of fine art, it really caught on around the 1970s. Today, it is a terrific way for women to empower themselves or provide a gift for their significant other.

Thus, boudoir photography captures the intricate and intimate moments that comprise the soul of a multipurpose woman and her style.

As humans, we all have several roles to fulfill but there is something about the way a woman can gracefully embody all of her responsibilities that truly make them special.

Additionally, women are the closest human life form to our Creator because they are the only individuals in this universe that can nurture, deliver and create new life. Without women, nobody would experience precious breaths.

Here are some other key elements that make boudoir photography so niche and incredibly popular in 2021.

  • Boudoir photography allows women to come into their own and embrace their persona in any way or the angle they see fit.
  • It also has an incredible storytelling aspect that might serve useful on a resume or artistic endeavor.
  • Women are the catalysts for change. Their bodies serve as the ultimate artistic medium of resistance.

In this way, boudoir photography has grown into its own beast in a very short period of time. It allows women to showcase their strengths, vulnerabilities, and graceful nature.

Above all else, women are stunning and sensational and this form of photography grants them the liberty to exhibit themselves as the truly spectacular works of art that they are.