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What would you do if you had 1800 seconds to collab with Future?

For the second year in a row, 1800 Tequila joined forces with a major artist. This year it was Future and producer Papamitrou, to curate 1800 Seconds Vol. 2.

A group of seven ambitious artists from across the United States came together in this collaborative effort for the chance to have their music broadcasted to a larger audience.

Though the artists were mentored through the process and given access to industry-grade equipment and resources, the magic stemmed from their ability to create, share and build with one another for the duration of the project.

The team consisted of Herion Young, Juiicy2xS, Seddy Hendrinx, Lihtz, Shaun Sloan, Test, and Aurora Anthony. Each brought their own unique style. Styles that shined through yet were easy to meld together with another.

The album was full of emotion; from love to pain. From start to finish, it brought you into the reality of each artist and gave you a taste of who they are.

We were invited to attend the official album release party. There we were able to glimpse into what the experience was like for the artists.

1800 Tequila not only helped create an amazing album, but they also threw an amazing party. At Domaine, a night club in Midtown Atlanta, the stage was set and transformed into a shrine for the album and artists.

The club had screens with images of the artists surrounding it like a halo, and 1800 banner sign, and a large screen on the stage with the album logo.

In another room the walls were all adorned with framed images of Future and each creative from the album, reminding me of a gallery.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – FEBRUARY 07: Juiicy2XS attends “1800 Tequila and Future Bring Seven Rising Hip-Hop Artists to Atlanta to Release New 1800 Seconds Vol.2 Album” at Domaine Nightclub on February 07, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for 1800 Tequila)

The club was packed. The crowd was a mix of artists, friends, family, fans, media, and the energy was palpable. As each artist hit the stage, you could feel the raw emotion put into the creation and performance of their music.

Though we didn’t get the chance to speak with every artist those we did speak to all seemed to agree on one thing and it was about the camaraderie of the group.

It was such a diverse group, that just worked. Seddy spoke about the acceptance and respect they shared for one another.

He made it clear that for them it was more than just a collaborative work by a group of artists, it was a piece of work created by a family.

“Everyone was so open to everybody’s ideas, and we all kinda got it right on the first try…That’s what had me like ‘oh I can really work with these people.’ I can continually work with these people…

Seddy continued,

“We’re a family. That’s due to 1800 sparking that up, putting us together.”

When we asked Seddy about Shaun Sloan, who was unable to be at the party he said, “He’s not here tonight due to his illness. But he’s here, my boy here fo sho.”


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Despite him not being there physically, they would all agree he was there in spirit.

It’s difficult to capture what 1800 brought to each of these artists in words because it transcends their music and the album.

A year ago, none of these artists imagined that they’d be celebrating a collaborative work, with a bunch of people they didn’t know before.

Herion Young, from Memphis and signed to Freebandz, was nothing but grateful for the opportunity to work on this project.

“Where I come from everything is a plus to me cause we make opportunities we don’t have them…I’m humble about it I love everything about it… You gotta be humble.”

Young raps about his reality, in his song, “Hit Like Mike” he tells the tale of his struggles and his accomplishments. He keeps it real as you would notice in any of his songs he really tries to connect and speak the “things you think about saying.”

When asked about working on the collaborative project Lihtz said “When you put people who are talented together it’s either gonna be amazing or that shit gon go left…everyone does things differently.”

“I’m from Philly, Test from Baltimore, Juicy is from Ohio, Seddy is from Florida. So, you know you got all these different vibes, different cultures, but it’s all from the same background. The same bottom…it was dope.”

Lihtz continued,

“For one you have all these different energies all these different vibes. 1800 set it up perfectly for us. Like they pampered us, you know what I mean. They treated us like next-level artists because technically that’s what we are.”


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By the time we were done talking to them, we got to see firsthand the fruits of their labor. They each took the stage and showed us basically everything they had just told us.

The energy was visible from the moment the artists took the stage and having Future come out to follow up their great performance was something very hard to capture with words.

1800 helped foster this energy by bringing these artists together and putting out such a great project.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – FEBRUARY 07: Future attends “1800 Tequila and Future Bring Seven Rising Hip-Hop Artists to Atlanta to Release New 1800 Seconds Vol.2 Album” at Domaine Nightclub on February 07, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for 1800 Tequila)

Keys to the City: How super producer TM88 is giving artists a platform to inspire

Legendary producer TM88 paired up with 1800 Tequila for Keys to the City in order to give aspiring rappers a platform and to identify what makes US cities sonically and culturally special.

Embarking on his musical journey, TM88 made his way to three cities to link up with J-Mulan in Houston, Cassidy Jordan in Miami, and Swizzymack in Philadelphia.

Sure enough, the vibes were on point and throughout his musical pilgrimage, TM88 was able to curate three different beats particular to each city he pulled up to.

For some time now Tequila 1800 has been a huge advocate for hip-hop by standing for creativity and with true innovators, like TM88, at the vanguard of culture. Through Keys to the City, they are able to demonstrate how music can connect and express a city’s identity with creativity and authenticity.

In light of this dope and progressive collaboration, we caught up with the icon of a  producer and he told us about what inspired him in each musical hub he traveled to.

First destination, H-town, the birthplace of chop and screw

During the Houston visit, he was particularly inspired by the come-up story of Slim Thug and his homies, who had a desire to clean up the neighborhood.

Slim Thug and his homeboys that he grew up with, they took their neighborhood and built it up. They took the older homes, and put up new homes in there for families to move into.

For the Houston beat, TM88 drew inspiration from the city’s deep history of hip-hop. He chose to honor both the old and the new sounds of the city.

I thought about new school and old school and kinda tried to put it together.

By blending the slowed-down style popularized by the legendary DJ Screw, and the innovate incorporation of different melodic voices by artists like Travis Scott, TM88 created a beat as unique as the city of Houston.

Second stop, Miami, a unique and high energy melting pot

Although he was born there, TM88 didn’t spend much time growing up in Miami. This trip gave him a whole new experience than what he was used to when visiting family in the Magic City.

“Miami’s always gonna be special to me ’cause I was born there, but I feel like it was better to see a different side of Miami that I didn’t know anything about.”

Miami is a uniquely diverse melting pot of a city and the beat needed to reflect this. For that, TM88 mixed in some Latin vibes with the traps sounds popular in Miami hip-hop. The outcome was an energy-filled track that everyone can get crazy to.

The third city, Philly, where grit and hustle inspire underdogs

When asked what made Philly special, TM88’s response was simple,

I got to try a real Philly cheesesteak.

The authenticity is what makes Philadelphia special. Whether it be the food, or the people you’re getting the food with. The people are genuine and full of energy and it was important to capture that in the Philly beat.

It’s a city of underdogs and the hunger from the musicians reflects that. People gather their authentic energy from the grit and grind of the streets, which can all be heard in the Philly beat.

Offering advice to artists who didn’t win the Keys to the City contest, TM88 embodied the Philadelphia hustler’s spirit, saying

Still keep grinding and still keep pushing…There’s going to be more opportunities ahead.

All three beats are inspired by the different cities, but the story behind them can inspire us all. When first approached by 1800 for the project, it seemed like a no-brainer for TM88. He described the three-city tour as:

Going to different cities that people normally go to and do things that people normally don’t do when they go there. Instead of going to all the hot spots, take ’em to like the offset spots and meet the people and learn more about the city.

TM88 proves that you don’t have to be just a rapper or an athlete to make it out and he uses his current platform to show other producers and artists that you can.

Still, we’re hype he made it through – the beats are dope, the story is inspirational, and there’s sure to be plenty more in the future.

Only you have the keys to the city.

By the way, don’t forget to check out TM88’s new song  “Slayer” featuring Lil Uzi. It slaps!