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Pharrell’s new song ‘100 Years’ is literally dropping in 100 years

If you haven’t heard already, the Earth is COOKED.

Pharrell Williams, the musical genius that we all know and love, has just dropped his new single, “100 Years”… but we can’t listen to it until 2117.

Pharrell hasn’t kept the single hidden from everyone, though. At a party hosted by Louis XIII Cognac in Shanghai, China, Pharrell gave 100 people a sneak peak of the song.

In an interview with Vogue, Pharrell mentions that he is not, despite the main focus of the song, an eco-centric person.

“I want to be really clear that I am not a tree hugger. I think it’s important that every human being—from the most eco-aware person to someone that’s driving a diesel truck—always has a sense of terrestrial awareness. That’s what it boils down to.”

The New York Times released a piece citing the U.S as the top climate changer in the world right now. The current state of the Paris Agreement uncovered that China was no longer burning the amount of fossil fuels they once were, though coal remains a top cause of global warming.

On Monday, Pharrell partnered with Louis XIII for a song titled “100 Years,” also serving as analogy for the amount of time it takes to make a bottle of Louis XIII Cognac.

According to Vogue, the track was recorded on a “clay disc” that can be destroyed by water.

“It will be placed off-limits for one century in coastal France. The point being: If sea levels rise, the record dissolves, and no one will hear it again.”

That’s a pretty cool way to make a statement.

Pharrell is one of the many celebrities who are trying to make a difference and spread awareness to the issue of global warming.

Other celebs like Leonardo DiCaprio, Stevie Wonder, and Beyonce have recently opened up about the issues that have come to light regarding global warming.

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For Pharrell, he hopes that young children will pave the way for our future world.

“They don’t need to hear it as much as the old folks. These kids don’t feel there’s a necessity to own a car—they’ll Uber or they’ll Lyft. They don’t feel like they have to have a big house on the hill—they will Airbnb. They were born into a shared space.”

He believes that the new generation sees the world in a different manner from ours, and this will be the drive we need in order to repair our world and lead into a prosperous future.

“Kids now are like, ‘those are your rules.’ They have a different appreciation of how to treat the world. They think about things in a very different way. It’s this: Don’t try to live up to a super high standard, but be aware. Be aware of how you can contribute. That’s how we’ll realistically get it done.”

True words spoken from a legendary mogul in the hip-hop industry.

100 years may be a long time to wait for a song, but at least our grandkids will be able to bump it!

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