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100 projects deep and Gucci Mane still reigns supreme over the Trap

Gucci Mane’s consistency and hard work prove that he’s in the game for the long haul. As an artist who is just too hot to handle, the soundbite “Brrr” tends to work in his favor.

If the ice-cream cone on his face isn’t a prerequisite for his stone-cold, direct PSA’s then maybe you need to crank up the A.C. Besides his hazy vocality and contrastive lyrical pattern, Gucci Mane carries his hometown Atlanta, Georgia at the base of his Southern-inspired rap delivery.

Sure, he might’ve been raised by the skreets (as he would say) but it hasn’t hindered his ingenuity. His moniker came about because of its traditional nature. It was passed down by his great-grandma to grandma to eventually his pops who then, called him Gucci Mane.

The rap polymath garnered attention with his first single “Icy” in 2005. Since then he’s released 100 projects to date and has had 21 projects hit Billboard 200. Moreso, he paved the way for trappers to do less talking and pull up with a stick.

In celebration of Gucci Mane making his 100th project mark, I was given the opportunity to cover his most fire projects in one week. Which I might add made me feel like a narco with a mean mug.

Day 1 – Diving right into the Trap

Gucci Mane’s Trap House (2005)

Gucci Mane’s Trap House is a historic tape in his career that released in 2005. The day before its release, Gucci Mane found himself in the Dekalb County jail facing murder charges all because of five men who tried to one-up him.

It all began when Gucci Mane was visiting a female friend. There three men in all black stormed into the apartment. They tried to rob him, but then one of them got brave, punched Gucci Mane in the mouth and pistol whipped his friend.

Fast forward, Gucci Mane shot one, injured another who ran into the woods and left the last three to drive off in their truck. The police found the shot victim’s body near a middle school.

Like the real man, he is, Gucci Mane decided to turn himself in but he beat the case because there wasn’t enough evidence to charge him. Rumor has it, the spectacle was due to Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy’s beef over rights to “Icy” for Young Jeezy’s solo debut Let’s Get It: Thug Motivation. Still, the trouble didn’t end there and tracks like “Black Tee” give the inside scoop on how Gucci Mane is a troublemaker.

Although Gucci Mane uses minimal rap technicalities and leaves a lot of white noise when flowing — his creative blunt metaphors override all. However, I noticed that was only the beginning for Gucci Mane. He’s come a long way.

 So Icey Boy Disc 2 (2008)

So Icey Boy was released during a time when Gucci Mane got arrested due to violating his probation. This happened because Gucci Mane only completed 25 out of 600 community service hours from his 2005 assault case.

As a result, Gucci Mane was incarcerated for a year but was released 6 months later. Granted, Gucci Mane took it to his advantage and gave it enough Southern influence to make anyone speak with a drawl.

Aside from the hydraulic synths and minor chimes — Gucci’s subject matter focused on drugs and money. Due to what I heard, I had an epiphany. Gucci Mane made trap what it is today.

EA Sportscenter (2008)

Released in 2008, EA Sportscenter has a fresher sound than the rest. EA Sportscenter uses a lot of different flows and sound effects. Ultimately Gucci Mane says this mixtape was him giving the fans what they wanted. This was the first project of his that was issued in vinyl.

It is a limited edition and has 300 copies. The vinyl was red with gold paint splattered everywhere and each copy had an individual number so that the fan who purchased the vinyl knew they’d be apart of history.

Murder Was the Case (2009)

From it’s synthesizers to piano riffs and bass, the project weaves in a more lyrical side that was used with extra care. “Never Had Shit” shows him at his most vulnerable and Gucci lets his guard down.

What’s special about Murder Was the Case is that it’s his 5th studio album. The name plays on the charge he received in 2005. Musically, Gucci Mane goes back to his old hazy flow and play on words but what reaches out to me most is his song, “Cuttin Off Fingaz.”

 The State vs. Radric Davis (2009)

The State vs. Radric Davis falls in as Gucci’s major label debut with Warner Bros. Records and first gold-certified album. True to its form, Gucci Mane seems more reflective and less concerned with luxurious antics.

Production-wise, Gucci Mane brings in a Southern influence. From it’s hydraulic synths to speaker blowing bass — Gucci Mane shows us why he’s at the top of trap rap. Overall, I listened closely and heard about all of Gucci Mane’s sides. Yes, he can still be playful and enjoy life but at the same time he can right his wrongs.

Day 2 –  Embodying  La Flare

Writing On The Wall (2009)

I notice a more open Gucci Mane who is willing to push the boundaries. Excelling in cadence and delivery — Gucci Mane stays at the top of his rap game. Just by listening you can hear what kind of mood he’s trying to set.

Arguably, Writing On The Wall goes to prove that he doesn’t just settle. In 2009, Gucci Mane was released from prison on the community service violation mentioned earlier. He dropped “Writing On The Wall” two months later.

The Appeal: Georgia’s Most Wanted (2010)

Two months after his arrest, Gucci Mane released The Appeal: Georgia’s Most Wanted. His arrest follows after punching a man he had a dispute with, driving recklessly and refusing to comply with the law.

Although the charges were dropped — he risked violating his probation. The cover foretells the album’s story most. In an instant, we see Gucci Mane in his most fly white-on-white attire. Then our eyes catch him in a long sleeve under a short sleeve shirt with baggy jeans. It’s clear that his cadences plea to be heard. Whereas the production is airier. Thus showing off his introspective side.

 Gucci 2 Time (2011)

I was shocked to find out that Gucci Mane was ordered by the Supreme Court to go into a psychiatric hospital due to mental incompetence filing. Honestly, the one thing “crazy” about him is his money fetish but to each its own.

As a result. he stayed for a couple of days then got his ice-cream cone tattoo. Gucci 2 Time has songs that crossover into the other which makes it an easy listen. This is one of his many boisterous albums but he has every right to go hard. At most, Gucci Mane shows off his gangster appeal here alongside Brick Squad.

 The Return of Mr. Zone 6 (2011)

A month after its release, Gucci Mane finds himself in trouble with the law again. Like a true savage, he’s arrested due to pushing a woman out of his truck because she refused to comply with his money offer for sex.

The Return of Mr. Zone 6 is his sound’s safe haven. The beats are more intimidating and I even jumped out of my skin at one point. To summarize, it’s sonically scary. He’s also gotten his punchlines soaring high. One of my favorites is from “Reckless” where he raps, “I’m the king of diamonds and the princess shinin’.”

Trap Back (2012)

Although the Trap God was forced to squash the beef with the woman mentioned earlier due to winning a settlement she made against him, it didn’t stop him from making the freakishly charismatic project, Trap Back.

Noted are his verses this time around because they have so much complexity that it could rattle one’s brain. To match the bars is stellar production, it has a variety of electronic synths, rattling basses, chimes, and hi-hats. He’ll never forget where he’s from either and carries his Southern drawl in the cusp of his flows. Overall, it’s addictive to listen to.

I pressed play repeatedly…

Day 3 – The making of a Trap God

World War 3, Vol 1: Lean (2013)

Once more, Gucci Mane finds himself not complying with the law.  Police issued a warrant for his arrest after he attacked a fan who attempted to get a picture with him. Hit with a champagne bottle, the fan ended up with 10 stitches and a concussion.

This project has two other sequels, called “Molly” and “Gas.” Its distinctive piece is Gucci’s fluctuating rap deliveries and eerie production which uses violin progression chords and a shook-up bass. Seems like Gucci Mane took his time constructing these tracks.

It’s a perfect balance between his demanding presence and cool as ice demeanor. Plus, features from the likes of PeeWee Longway and Young Thug prove that Gucci Mane has always had an eye for talent.

Diary Of a Trap God (2013)

Aside from getting arrested two days after making bail, 2013 seems to be one of the years that Gucci Mane gets in the most trouble. A week after the project drops, he gets arrested after cursing at police.

Afterward, the officers discovered marijuana and a handgun in his possession so you can imagine what happened next. This dilemma also occurred during Gucci Mane’s legendary Twitter rant with Waka Flocka Flame.

This project flows easily down your ear stream despite its long tracklist. He’s angrier on this project but with the previous information, its a given. Production-wise, it’s electronic and trap.

Brick Factory: Volume 1 (2014)

Oddly enough, I discover that Waka Flocka Flame is on this project as a feature but I scream “brick squad” regardless. According to fans, this project is trap rap at its finest. Really, Gucci Mane deserves to flex.

The production was enough to make me do a double-take. It’s comprised of progressive synths and string instruments. Besides this, Gucci Mane also does his best to show off a daunting rap delivery.

During the month of this release, Gucci Mane pleads guilty to possession of firearms. Fast forward, he ends up serving three years and three months in prison.

Trap House 4 (2014)

Despite his incarceration, Gucci Mane still managed to release numerous projects this year. Believe it or not, Trap House 4 is only available digitally. It is also a sequel to his 2011 project Trap House III.

Although it sounds disorganized in some instances, the production makes up for it. Not only does he use paranoiac piano chords, but he also uses electronic synths and scattered hi-hats.

Like its name, he uses it as an advantage and allows himself to flex. Additionally, Gucci Mane’s flow stays true to its hazy Southern nature. Lowkey, Trap House 4 peaked at No. 153 on the Billboards.

 Felix Brothers (2014)

A few weeks after Trap House 4, Gucci Mane releases Felix Brothers. The name derives from a Mexican drug cartel that’s based in Tijuana that is known for being “one of the biggest and most violent criminal groups in Mexico.”

Although he isn’t counting $200 million every time he links with his producers, Gucci Mane still builds his money empire while in jail. Equally important, Gucci Mane partners with Young Dolph and PeeWay Longway.

This falls in as his fourth project released in July. While Gucci switches up flows, he has PeeWee add more ignition.

Revved up much?

Day 4 – Big Guwop has arrived

 The Oddfather (2015)

Once I saw The Oddfather’s cover, I got chills. The release concurred with Gucci Mane’s court date and proving its sinister, the introduction plays out Gucci Mane on a phone call from jail. Thus, making his troubles all the more authentic.

Although coming from a place of restriction, Gucci Mane also sounds more focused and clear. Likewise, Gucci Mane uses more similes. Lyrically, he’s more aggressive. Production-wise, The Oddfather brings in chopper sounds and heavy bass. He speaks on what it’s like to be the trap father.

1017 Mafia: Incarcerated (2015)

At most, this project’s production gave me hot and cold flashes. Gucci Mane insisted to get the dopest producers to date on this project and it shows. The 808’s, hi-hats and hydraulic synths tend to dash in hidden sound gems that one can’t just put a name to.

Aside from that, each track has a feature which is different than what most artist would do. Gucci Mane excels most in his rhyme schemes and hooks on this project. What shocks me most is that it doesn’t receive much recognition.

I believe that this project deserves infinite high ratings.

Breakfast (2015)

The first of the trilogy — Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, this entire project consists of 33 tracks which tell me that I am in for a long night.

Opposite of my biological clock, it seems like Gucci Mane does not rest. The production seems to go in the same direction as his last albums, but his witty punchlines are at an all-time high.

Also, Gucci Mane brings his best flow and doesn’t settle for less. He shakes the cerebrum with more commanding deliveries to get the people up!

Views From Zone 6 (2015)

At first, I thought the projects name was wrong and that the world meant to plaster Drake’s name behind this project. Then I realized the added “Zone” to the title, differentiating it from the 6 God.

In light of Gucci Mane’s sentence, this was one of the few to be released before he is. Sadly it reels in at 8 tracks. The tracks are notable and have treasurable gems. However, the production uses more 808’s than usual. The features match his fly and he does a great job creating double entendre(s) that I didn’t even know could be tied together.

Everybody Looking (2016)

Alas, 2016 is the year that Gucci Mane will break off the leash. He is released that May from jail but doesn’t miss a beat and drops Everybody Looking with a cleaner mind (and diet).

People are convinced that Gucci Mane has a clone but that is not the case. He’s really taken care of himself in all aspects and it shows in Everybody Looking.

Honestly, this album does a 360 and gives more leeway to the synths and piano. At most, this is his statement of starting over. He’s more reflective and speaks on battling demons and his profound freedom.

Day 5 – Mr. Zone 6 reclaims his trap kingdom

Woptober (2016)

Woptober comes back with those demons he’s been battling and throws them into his production. Eerier than the rest, Gucci Mane uses it to his advantage so he can stress that he’s no longer that trap father from two years ago.

Yes, Gucci Mane remains his playful self and the punchlines are proof. Still, he takes the time to be more open and bring awareness. Not to mention, Gucci Mane takes a focused approach on his wordplay and flows. Woptober ranked as No. 43 on the U.S Billboard 200.

1017 vs. The World (2016)

1017 vs. The World is a joint album by Gucci Mane and Lil Uzi Vert. Although it’s only seven tracks long, Lil Uzi Vert and Gucci Mane’s charisma makes it feel longer.

These two are known for their playful flows and so, it consists of jam-packed bangers. Production-wise, it takes the futuristic route and uses a lot of electronic synths, laser beam sounds, and hi-hats.

Likewise, it jabs in some 8 bits every now and then. One can certainly tell that this is out of Gucci Mane’s norm but he makes it work anyway.

Mr. Davis (2017)

Mr. Davis shows off Gucci Mane’s newfound charm. With a better mindset, Gucci Mane speaks in triumph about taking the biggest W while the whole rap industry takes an L.

Additionally, the production goes its own direction and uses haunted piano keys and more 808’s. He comes off sharper than ever and even his flows sound more clear-cut. At most, this is Gucci Mane at his most confident. Songs like “Changed” show Gucci Mane being reflective on his new ways.

3 For Free (2017)

3 For Free has the shortest tracklist from the emcee. Its production takes a piece from every genre and is backed up by synths and rattling bass. Fans rave that this project is trap music at its best.

Aside from production, Gucci Mane spits the most remarkable verses. Its sound brings me back to his Traphouse days but 3 For Free reigns supreme.

Delusions of Grandeur (2019)

Delusions of Grandeur is like a breath of fresh air. Besides Gucci Mane boasting about how he doesn’t drink anymore, he uses trancelike piano loops, snares and claps to back up his talk.

From his R&B love ballad with Justin Bieber called, “Love Thru The Computer” to “Proud of You” — Gucci Mane’s subject matter changes immensely. Before it was about drugs, money, and women.

Now it’s on personal growth, finding love, staying true to yourself and money. Ultimately Gucci Mane is more lyrical and on-beat. It seems to come naturally to him. It’s the best album to date in my opinion.