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Can Kyrie Irving be to Boston what Kobe Bryant was to the Lakers?

When Kyrie Irving reportedly asked for a trade few months ago, nobody believed that he really wanted to leave the Cavs. Then the trade actually went through and it all became very real. He recently unfollowed LeBron on Instagram, which added even more fuel to the controversy.

But why would Kyrie leave a team that pretty much guarantees an appearance in the NBA Finals every year? That’s because he’s chasing something bigger.

The reason Kyrie wanted out of Cleveland was to be the #1 guy on his team. And looking up to what Kobe was able to do with the Lakers, that’s exactly what Irving wants. Sure Bryant had Shaq but that was Kobe’s team.

The funny thing is that before LeBron came back to the Cavs, Kyrie was the man. This is all an ego thing to show who’s the more important man.

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There is no doubt in my mind that Kyrie can be the next Kobe, especially if the C’s can beat the Cavs in the East. Skill-wise, Irving is a superstar and has the tools to become an elite scorer like Bryant.

Kyrie’s handles are much better than Kobe’s and like his idol, he’s been trusted to take the last shot so many times. It’s almost impossible to guard him one on one especially when he catches fire. Irving has the total package when it comes to a scoring guard… and he passes too!

Kyrie has said in the past that Kobe is an inspiration to him and even had the chance to collaborate on a signature sneaker with him this summer. Are you seeing the parallels?

Of course, the Celtics traded Isaiah Thomas for him. A lot of people were very upset that Isaiah had to go, he meant a lot to Celtics fans and helped rebuild that team. Isaiah finally broke his silence on the situation writing in the Player’s Tribune,

“I don’t think this trade made the Celtics any better but that’s not my job.”

Is he saying he’s better than Kyrie? Come on, son.

The Celtics are playing the Cavs opening night. You think Kyrie and LeBron are looking forward to it? We all hope they guard one another that would be a good way to start off the NBA season. Many people say Kyrie will never be as big as LeBron.

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I think he has a big chance to match LeBron, it’s just gonna take him a few years to prove it since he’s on a different team now. Kyrie is only 25-years-old and he isn’t even in his prime yet.

Kyrie has a good chance to win a few more rings if he plays his cards right.

I think Kyrie did the right thing by asking for a trade because of all the rumors that LeBron has problems with Cavs owner Dan Gilbert. Plus, you never know with LeBron, he will dip on you any second. He’s done it before!

Kyrie could very well be to Boston what Kobe was to LA because his will to be better than King James. He will be an All-Star every year, there is no doubt about that, but let’s see how many more rings he can get.