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Bigbbyspree drops an anthem for go-getters making “Bands On The Low”

While creatives are forced to stay home, working on their craft is all some of us can do right now. Bigbbyspree is doing just that.

With his latest Release “Bands On Low” following “Changed on Me,” Jariel Massa is steadily building up his repertoire of original tracks.

The Origins

“Bigbbyspree comes from my nickname growing up (Spree) and pays homage to ODB who I’m a huge fan of and inspired me to say whatever I’m feeling regardless as to who will understand or how they’d feel afterward.”

Born in Flatbush Brooklyn, Bigbbyspree grew up in a musical household and was originally inclined to produce rather than rap because of his shy nature. Like many creatives, his producing chops began in High School.

“A friend mistakenly introduced me to FL studio when I was in high school and I made beats for a few kids who rapped in school.”

The Inspiration Behind the Tracks

Struggling to find the right rappers to go over his beats he decided to push through his initial shyness and rap over them himself. BigbbsSpree’s biggest influences include Pharrell and Lil Uzi Vert, especially while songwriting. His production influences are largely Southside and Kanye.

“My production style is a cross between trap drums and sample flipping.”

He draws inspiration from several music genres including old school hip-hop, R&B, and Jazz to 2000s Pop Rock and Emo Rock.

“One day I’ll be sampling old Bobby Brown records and a few hours later I’ll end up sampling My Chemical Romance so I try to be as versatile as possible.”

His production is notable on Millie X Wong’s “These Days.”

Bigbbyspree has had features with fellow artists like savage28g on the track “Scenery.” He also has several new features coming out in the next few weeks.

Bigbbyspree just released “Bands On Low” on all platforms. The BK artist made the beat at 7 am on his way to work. The song is relatable for so many of us working jobs to make our art and creative works, grinding and hoping to make it.

“The record touches on all the relationships I had with people when I was in a certain space in life that I was trying to leave. It’s really about reaching a certain level in life, all the things that hold you back, and overcoming them while staying out of the way.”