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Barack Obama has been swagging off nonstop since dipping office

It’s been over seven months since swaggy Barry left the White House and we’re just sitting here butthurt as an entire nation.

Even the biggest Trump supporters can’t enjoy how the first months of the Trump presidency has gone.

It’s a never-ending stream of negative news. Historically low poll numbers, special investigations, and a revolving door of fired aides have kept the Trump administration in a constant, tiring state of non-action.

Trump and his Republican Congress have passed zero substantial legislation.

Remember when everyone bugged out that Obama wore a tan suit? Comparatively, Trump’s scandals involve top-secret dossiers compiled by agents wherein the details include golden showers from Russian prostitutes and Manchurian candidacy.

But we’re not here to talk about Trump.

This is about yung Barack Obama, who led our country with dignity for eight great years.

Since he’s left office, Obama has kept a relatively low profile, but his moves have reminded us how lucky we were to have him and how trash our current situation is.

Obama has held a couple low-key meetings with world leaders and a New York Times article addressed how much the rest of the world respected Obama,

“The former president’s situation is complicated by the fact that he remains extremely popular in most of the world — starkly contrasting with Mr. Trump — meaning foreign leaders can easily use a meeting with Mr. Obama to their political advantage at home.”

Barry also helped induct Jay-Z into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Dude is just the coolest.

Recently the Obamas copped a crib not too far from the White House. Obama shadow government? I’m down.

I’m writing this during Obama’s birthday so I’d just like to wish our former president the happiest of 56th birthdays and say WE MISS YOU BARRY.