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SoundCloud may be shaky but these 10 artists are keeping it lit

Welcome to the woes of a rapper.

SoundCloud is on life support right now, it’s dumb hard to get plays, and somehow artists still have to focus on creating great music. How are underground artists going to have people hear that feugo if there is no platform for them to put their content on?

Well there seems to be a solution, even though the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League has been throwing shots at him (sips tea), Chance is out here dropping SoundCloud exclusives and in contact with one of the co-founders of SoundCloud to “save” the streaming service.

It doesn’t sound like much but Chance’s SoundCloud exclusive “Big B’s” featuring Young Thug is lowkey fire and many artists wouldn’t take this step.

What are your favorite rappers doing? Oh, nothing you say? That’s brazy because I could’ve sworn that’s how most of them blew up.

No, I am not talking about the Kendricks or Travis Scotts of the world but the Lil Yachtys, who happened to make $13 million in just 16 months.

Yachty was very smart in building a career in more than just music but SoundCloud provided him and other rappers great success by giving them a launching pad to gain recognition from people around the world. Honestly, what is he doing with all the bread? Swing some to SoundCloud and help save the world.

As a reader you are probably wondering why am I feening for SoundCloud to be saved? Am I sponsored or something?

Let’s be real, who’s going to sign up for “SoundCloud Pro?”

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We need these big artists to swoop in and save the day. Drake this is your chance to scoop up some more writing talent for OVO. Diddy this is your opportunity to be in more music videos.

I am not sponsored by SoundCloud or anything, I barely get these plays myself but I got this mixtape coming out soon…

In honor of possibly our last moments with SoundCloud, I created a playlist of mostly underground artists that needs to be heard.

“So Lonely” by Freek ft. Mayes

Josh Hart aka SoFreekedKiddo with only 272 followers is at the top of the list. Make Him blow up.

“Nigga Needs” by Boogie

Boogie is that low-key fire…he is signed to Interscope records they just don’t jack him as much as Kendrick.

“A Minute” by Erik Cain

Erik Cain is a talented whisper rapper that is still fire but gentle.

“Pull Up Pon Mi” by Choppy Chan

Produced, written, and rapped by Choppy Chan. Checkout his Debut EP Music For Your Daughter.

“48 Laws” by Omen

Omen is signed to Dreamville and Interscope but J.Cole got that spotlight.

“NEW YORK SHIT” by Marlon Craft ft. Radamiz

Marlon Craft is literally the tittle of this song. He is trying to bring that old school rap back to New York. I RESPECT IT.

IFWTV by Rob: Earth One

Rob: Earth One is a country boy out of North Carolina. He is signed to the Social Contract LLC.

“Off White” by Global Dan

Blond-headed old Tommy Hilfiger-rocking Global Dan is a rapper out of Maryland that’s blowing up fast.

“Bottom Line” by Jay Critch

Jay Critch is signed to Rich Forever with Dexter. He’s a Brooklyn Baby that’s been rapping hard.

“Bodak Yellow” by Cardi B

Stripper turned reality star turned rapper. Even though she be stealing people flows, Cardi B is killing it.