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Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson are changing the NFL game

Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson aren’t the future of the NFL, they are the present. The Chiefs and Ravens faced off on Monday Night Football and gave us a preview of a matchup we should expect to see for years to come. Mahomes is just 25, Jackson is only 23. 

Last season’s Super Bowl MVP was able to beat last season’s NFL MVP. The Chiefs came out on top 34-20, with Mahomes becoming the fastest quarterback to reach 10,000 passing yards in NFL history. Jackson struggled, and is now 0-3 against Mahomes in his career.

Similarities between superstars

The two have had very short careers to this point but share a lot of similarities. Both teams came into the game at 2-0 and are Super Bowl favorites. Both players began their rookie seasons on the bench and won NFL MVPs in their first full season as the starting quarterback. And both have been on the cover of Madden. 

Mahomes and Jackson represent the best rivalry between Black quarterbacks in NFL history. Michael Vick and Donovan Mcnabb were the closest things we’ve had. 

Mutual respect

Mahomes and Jackson have been very supportive of one another as well. In 2018, after Jackson finished his last year at Louisville, he watched Mahomes throw the ball at a workout. 

His immediate reaction was “He’s awesome. How is he a backup?”

Jackson also knows Mahomes’ Super Bowl puts him in a different category. “I’ve got to win the Super Bowl. I’ve got to get to where he’s at.” 

Mahomes has also shown love to Jackson, even in game. 

What they mostly share in common is their unique skill set at the quarterback position. Both have tremendous arms and are able to extend plays with their legs. They are insanely smart and have become the leaders of their teams. They have been able to transform the quarterback position in the short amount of time they’ve been in the league. 

Generational talents

What makes them special is not just that they win, it’s how they win. They are known for making highlight plays that are almost impossible for every other quarterback. This has led to both of their teams having two of the most explosive offenses in the past couple of seasons. 

They are also changing the way we view the quarterback position. For a long time, the quarterback position was mainly thought of to be for white players. Black quarterbacks were often moved to other positions, like running back and wide receiver. In week 1, there were a record 10 black starting quarterbacks. Their record that week was 7-3. 

One of Jackson’s most famous quotes came after a game in which he threw five touchdowns last season. Coming into the NFL, his critics tried to argue that he would be better off switching positions. 

“Not bad for a running back,” he said.

Changing the game

Jackson and Mahomes are immensely important to the NFL not just because of their skill, but because of what they represent. They are helping to grow the game by removing the stigma of Black quarterbacks. 

“The best thing about it is you’re showing kids that no matter where you grow up, what race you are, that you can achieve your dream,” Said Mahomes leading up to last year’s Super Bowl. 

Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson have revolutionized the quarterback position and the way we view it. 

Why Michael Jordan owning a NASCAR team is good for the sport

Michael Jordan is now taking on a new challenge as a NASCAR owner. He is joining one of NASCAR’s most well-known racers, Denny Hamlin, to form the team with Bubba Wallace as the driver. 

NASCAR is known for not being the most inclusive sport, severely lacking diversity. Jordan joins another former NBA player, Brad Daugherty, as the only Black owners at NASCAR’s elite Cup level. Bubba Wallace is currently the only Black driver at NASCAR’s top level and has been for some time.  

Jordan has come a long way when it comes to being a social justice advocate. He is known for staying away from any and all political issues, especially during his playing days. He has said that he doesn’t see himself as an activist, just a basketball player.

One of his most famous quotes came when he said “Republicans buy sneakers too.” 

Jordan recently pledged to donate $100 million over the next 10 years to groups that are dedicated to ensuring racial equality. According to Jordan, diversifying the sport was a big part of wanting to become an owner. 

“I see this as a chance to educate a new audience and open more opportunities for Black people in racing.” 

Bubba Wallace has already had success in trying to push change in the sport. His car has Black Lives Matter painted on it. He also successfully urged NASCAR to remove Confederate flags at all events. 

There was also an incident earlier this year where members of Wallace’s team found a noose hanging from a garage that had been assigned to him. This led to an FBI investigation which found that the noose had been there for months, before anyone knew he would be assigned to the garage. 

This led to one of the more powerful moments in sports this year, when NASCAR drivers gathered around Wallace and showed him support.

Bubba Wallace is quickly becoming one of the most well-known drivers in the sport and for good reason. He is very active politically and one of the more outspoken athletes in all of sports. While Wallace has yet to win his first race, there’s no doubt that he is changing the sport for the better. 

It’s dope to see some progress being made in terms of racial diversity in NASCAR. It is a predominantly white sport. Hopefully, Jordan and Wallace can continue to help promote the sport to be more racially diverse and bring in more Black fans who feel left out. 

Why UFC fighter Colby Covington is everything wrong with America

Colby Covington is becoming one of UFC’s most well-known fighters for all the wrong reasons. He has become a mouthpiece for Donald Trump, wearing the infamous MAGA hat every chance he gets and using the same hurtful, racist, and xenophobic language that this president has made seemingly normal.

A week before his most recent fight, Covington went to a Trump rally. Shortly after his victory over Tyron Woodley via TKO, Covington received a phone call from Trump while doing an interview live. 

“I’m your fan, you’re my fan. Two of a kind,” Trump said. 

Covington is problematic. He amplifies the racial tensions the country is facing every chance he gets. He is a living, breathing symbol of everything wrong in America right now.

Some people have argued that this is just Covington’s way of getting attention for himself in a sort of WWE-style promotion. Even if that were to be true it is still wrong and dangerous. He has attacked the Black Lives Matter movement, refers to facts as fake news, and even questioned his opponent’s place of birth – all of which Trump has done himself.

Racists like Covington have come to feel safe enough to say ignorant things publicly and confidently. The danger is that it promotes hate speech that can lead to violence and promotes the divisiveness that is currently plaguing the country. 

Covington already has a long history of racist remarks. After winning a fight in Sao Paolo, Brazil in 2017, he referred to Brazil as a “dump” and referred to Brazilians as “filthy animals.” He’s also made fun of UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes who suffered a brain injury after being hit by a train.

His backwards way of thinking was on full display in his feud with Kamaru Usman. Leading up to his loss in a championship fight to Usman, the feud between the two became personal and racially charged. 

“The thing that pisses me off the most about ‘Marty Fakenewsman’ is saying that he’s more American than me,” Covington said about Usman. “How is he more American than me? My family has served in the Korean War, in the Vietnam War, my family has shed blood for that flag, for the red, white and blue of America. What has his family ever done for America besides serve in the Federal penitentiary?”

Covington has even taken shots at LeBron and Joe Biden.

His comments are often lazy, ignorant, and lack any real substance. People like Covington do not want to further the progress that has been made. They instead prefer the way things are and only hurt the ongoing conversation about race in America. 

Many people claim they don’t want politics in sports. Every time Covington speaks and wears the MAGA hat, he mixes the two and stirs the political pot. It is not a coincidence his nickname is “chaos.” He incites it all the time purposefully. 

Colby Covington is a symptom of America’s racism. 

Wild Jimmy Butler stories will make you appreciate him that much more

While Jimmy Butler is enjoying one of his best seasons in the NBA leading the Miami Heat to the Eastern Conference Finals, things weren’t always this smooth-sailing for him.

He is no stranger to adversity. Butler never knew his father growing up and was kicked out of his home at the age of 13 by his biological mother. 

Jimmy ended up bouncing from couch to couch until he met Jordan Leslie, a former NFL wide receiver whose mother took him in her home just before his senior year in high school.

Butler then went from a two-star recruit that was ranked 73rd in his position in the state of Texas to playing at a junior college and eventually starring at Marquette University. 

Against all odds, In the 2011 NBA Draft, he was selected by the Chicago Bulls with the last pick of the first round. His game grew from a defensive stopper to an all-around star. He’s won the NBA’s Most Improved Award, he’s a 5-time all-star and an Olympic gold medalist. 

His work ethic is regarded as one of the best in the league. Mix that with the fact that he is also one of the NBA’s best personalities and what you get is some of the wildest stories of the past few years. 

Here are some of the best. 

Butler Bullies Entire Timberwolves Organization 

While waiting for the Timberwolves to fulfill his trade request, Butler spent an entire practice verbally challenging anyone and everyone who had a role to play in the organization. He specifically told General Manager Scott Layden, “You can’t win without me. You fucking need me.” 

Butler also came at coach Tom Thibodeau and former teammates Karl-Anthony Towns and Andrew Wiggins for not working hard enough and their nonchalant attitudes.

An even crazier part of this story is that Butler scrimmaged against the Wolves starters with a team of third-stringers and completely dominated the starters. He made it a point to go at Towns and Wiggins. 

Jimmy Butler’s Late-Night Dribbling Draws Complaints

Jimmy Butler doesn’t reach the level of success he’s had without his insane work ethic. One example of this came at the start of the NBA Bubble while players were still in quarantine. 

Security was alerted to a loud thumping noise coming from the Miami Heat Hotel. The security went to investigate the noise and found the room where the noise was coming from. It was Jimmy Butler’s room.

They knocked on the door and Butler opened it drenched in sweat with practice gear on from head to toe. Butler had been doing a full-on dribble workout in his hotel room. 

Jimmy Butler Is All Business

While many NBA players were relieved to have family finally be able to join them in the Bubble, Jimmy Butler chose not to invite anyone to join him.

“This is a business trip for me. I’m not messing around.” 

Butler’s only focus is on winning a championship. 

Jimmy Butler’s First Practice With The Miami Heat

Butler’s legendary work ethic is once again evident in this story about his very first training camp practice with the Heat. Practice was scheduled to start at 10 a.m. Butler showed up at 3:30 a.m. 

“Just a little extra work while y’all in your third dream. I like to get it in.”

His work ethic has also inspired other Heat players to try and beat him to the gym. Meyers Leonard and Bam Adebayo both got up and were at the gym at 3:30 a.m.

Butler also reportedly spent the offseason doing 4 a.m. workouts at the American Airlines Arena. 

Don’t Disrespect Country Music In Front of Butler

Jimmy Butler’s love of country music is well known. He is a proud Taylor Swift fan and is not afraid to claim it.

In this story, after a game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Karl-Anthony Towns was being interviewed while Butler blasted country song “Grave” by Thomas Rhett. 

Towns commented on the song saying “It’s terrible. It’s so bad.” 

Jimmy clapped back by saying “I just had to chase Russ (Westbrook) around and get hit by Steven Adams, I can listen to whatever the fuck music I want.”

Can’t argue with that.

Jimmy Butler Voted Team USA’s Best Lover

Jimmy Butler won an Olympic gold medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics. It just so happens that this was not the only “award” Butler won that summer. 

According to this Reddit post, Butler along with several members of Team USA including DeAndre Jordan, DeMar Derozan and DeMarcus Cousins, went to a luxury Brazilian brothel where they spent hours. The women at this brothel reportedly voted Butler as the best lover of the bunch. 

Why the MLB needs to keep its playoff experiment to just this season

For better or for worse, the 2020 MLB postseason will be drastically different than any other postseason in MLB history.

In a wild year where the MLB season was cut short by over 100 games due to COVID-19, it is easy to see why changes would be necessary. However, those changes should just be for this season only.

What is the new Playoff system?

The MLB Playoffs will now include 16 teams, 8 from the National League, and 8 from the American League. The top three seeds in each league will belong to each league’s three division winners (East, West and Central).

The next three seeds, no. 4-6, will go to each of those same division’s second-best team. The last two teams will be the Wild Card spots, which are determined by which of the remaining teams has the best record regardless of division. 

Why it should only be a one-season experiment

Per the Washington Post, Commissioner Rob Manfred said that the 16-team expanded postseason is likely to remain beyond 2020 and that an overwhelming number of owners have already endorsed it. 

While an expanded postseason makes sense in a 60-game pandemic-shortened season, the same isn’t true for a 162-game season. The entire point of a 162-game season is to ensure that the best teams are in the playoffs.

A 16-team playoff in a 162-game season waters down an already excruciatingly long season. Each regular season game is devalued even more. 

In a 30-team league, having 16 teams make the playoffs means more than half of the league is in contention. This will lead to middling teams and sub .500 teams making the playoffs, lowering the quality of play.

It is a similar issue the NBA faces every year in the first round. An example is this year’s Orlando Magic making the playoffs after going 33-40 in the regular season. 

Fangraphs currently projects that the New York Mets, who are six games under .500 with twelve games remaining, have a 16.4% chance of making the playoffs.

The Milwaukee Brewers who are three games under .500 with 13 games remaining have a 46.9% chance of making the postseason. These are two prime examples of teams who would have little to no chance if the format was still at 10 teams.

Baseball more than any other sport has a huge game-to-game variability, meaning that it is extremely random.

Therefore a three-game series like the first round would be, removes the certainty advantage a possible no. 1 seed earned during the regular season. Certainty is the idea that the longer a series is, the more certain you are that the winner is the better team.

Picture a no. 1 seed going 102-60 in the regular season and losing to the no. 8 seed who finished 77-85 because of the randomness a three-game sample size invites. It is infinitely easier to beat a better team twice than it is three or four times.

The entire reason baseball has such a long season is because of the belief that large sample sizes determine the best teams. That is thrown out of the window when a three-game series is played. It’s just not fair to the teams that performed well all season. The reward for being a higher seed would now just be home-field advantage.

It is likely that this is how future postseasons will be formatted. The 6 added playoff teams mean added revenue, which at the end of the day is what matters most to MLB owners and Commissioner Manfred.

The MLB, like every other business, will always do what is most profitable even if it doesn’t make sense competitively.