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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is deadass trying to live forever

Jeff Bezos isn’t your average billionaire. He’s deadass trying to cop every other company out there and as CEO of Amazon, and he probably will be able to one day!

As the richest man on the planet, worth $90 billion according to CNBC, Bezos now has his sights set on something else — living forever.

So what are we basing this off of? Well first of all — he looks wild — but even further than that there’s something about his laugh and demeanor lately.

Motherfuckers ain’t even saying anything that’s funny but this dude is losing his shit.

Not only that but just by looking at the way he moves, and what he’s putting his money towards, should tell you that he’s going on a different path that most billionaires seem to be on these days.

Think we’re just bullshitting? CNBC did a report on Silicon Valley tech moguls who are exactly on this wave. Guys like Peter Thiel, and ya boy Bezos, are really on this Transcendent Man shit.

“Last fall, Unity raised a hundred and sixteen million dollars from such investors as Jeff Bezos and Peter Thiel, billionaires eager to stretch our lives, or at least their own, to a span that Thiel has pinpointed as ‘forever.'”

Jeff Bezos has been throwing all kinds of bread into Unity Biotechnology in hopes to stop the aging process completely. In the same report it was said that within the life-extension community, “anyone who looks over 40 alarming.” But why?

These guys out in the Valley are ready to play God and keep all this bread to themselves. Forever.

Bezos and Thiel are obviously not alone in this movement. Google co-founder Sergey Brin is also on this wave and the list goes on.

I’ve been watching way too much of HBO’s Silicon Valley lately and after seeing what type of dude Gavin Belson became after getting too racked out of his mind. This man literally had a blood boy on deck to keep his body younger. And yes, they really be doing this. Look it up!

The worst part is that most of these super rich dudes are also the most out of touch dudes in the world.

Steve Jobs was famously skeptical of donating (at least in public) to charities and made very few donations during his lifetime (especially considering how much of the Earth’s pie he had). And Jeff Bezos appears to be on that same wave with a limited amount of his care going towards helping the less fortunate.

According to a Seattle Times report, Bezos didn’t even show up to a philanthropy event honoring him. He also donated zero dollars. MOTHERFUCKER IT’S A TAX WRITE OFF.

Anyways, not all billionaires are like that. Bill Gates is truly the man and in that same breath made a $4 million donation on behalf of Microsoft. Not only is he getting that back but it’s a drop in the bucket!

At the end of the day, there’s no stopping guys like Bezos but it’s up to some new blood (no pun intended) to change all of that. The prophet Tupac said it best when he went on his epic MTV News rant on capitalistic greed in 1992. Ima let Pac take it from here.