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Adjusting after quarantine: Why hanging out will never be the same

When it comes to comforts we’ve been missing most, the companionship of the people we love ranks highest, in most of our books. We give them hugs, we dap them up, we share our kush, all things Zoom hangouts can’t provide.

So how will this look after we’re all back in the world?

Quarantine and chill has a whole new meaning

Many of us will rush to hug our friends and family as soon as we can see them next, but will everyone rush to lay the pipe?

Some people may feel apprehensive about touching each other out of fear of contracting any leftover illness. Hopefully, it will be safe to do so, as I couldn’t imagine any of us want to keep the 6-feet space forever.

For those of you Netflix and Chillers out there, your time may be on the horizon. Many of us have sorely missed the Chill part of the equation, and have had enough of our share of the Netflix.

Give it some time, though, as many are still uncertain and unwilling to invite a potential sickness into their homes.

Popping out with the squad will be DIFFERENT

The way I see it, once common hangout spots like bars, malls, and restaurants may likely be packed to the brim upon reopening. The sudden rush of excitement felt in having the option to resume life as normal will be tempting for many of us. However, just as many may not feel so optimistic.

Understandably, there is a certain skepticism that some have around going back into public with other people. There may be some who have found they’re more comfortable indoors, and choose to stay there most of the time after the fact.

Because of this, we may see less of some of our friends for a little while, but it’s important to give them time to adjust. We all need a little bit at the moment.

Working from home might be the wave

With working remotely becoming the norm, many feel comfortable working from home. Without the need to dress in code, eating on your own schedule, and still getting work done, who wouldn’t want that?

We have been shown that some companies do not need to be centralized, so many have gravitated to this remote working lifestyle. The daily commute is one thing that will not be missed for sure. The money saved on gas can go to the other gas.

Speaking of gas…

BYOB! Personal blunts for everyone

Now, let’s not forget the time-honored smoke circle. A tradition as old as the herb itself, the circle has taken a beating lately.

How willing, however, will everyone be to share backwood with coronavirus fresh in everyone’s memories. It’s possible a BYOB (Bring Your Own Bud) unwritten rule may become the way of tomorrow.

Will smoking still be the wave? The sense of community is lost when we no longer share ganja with the people we enjoy.

Many of my friendships have been formed in the holy circle and many more who I am yet to meet.  The tradition should not die, though it may die down. Let’s just hope the love is safe to share.

As it stands, we can’t say what the future holds, but keep your flame of hope alive, my friends. May that spark light the blunt of persistence that keeps you alive and sane throughout these uncertain times.

Time is a more limited resource than money, yet it is often valued less than that. One thing we have collectively learned is that we have to value our freedoms, including human interaction, when we have them.