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A beginner’s guide to betting on soccer

One of the most popular sports most find themselves betting on is soccer.

However, before joining the league of millions of other people who wager on soccer, punters must know that some rules and regulations guide betting on soccer. To start with, there are three options for Moneyline outcomes in soccer; Team A wins, The game ends in a draw, or Team B wins.

Today, several markets on many betting sites that offer exceptional deals are increasing daily. This rise in betting sites and markets also translates to more people betting on the sport. Yet, for a beginner, you must know some things to profit from betting on soccer.

One of the first things you should know is how sports odds work. Odds are the ratio between stake and winnings in an event. Odds may either appear as decimals or as a fraction, and they are put in place by the bookmakers. In essence, the amount a bettor will earn from a bet placed is dependent on the odds available.

Before you begin betting on soccer, you will also need to choose a bookmaker, or sports betting company to do business with. These days, there are hundreds of betting companies available online and offline, and choosing one may become an arduous task.

Nevertheless, it is essential to make a choice, and you need to be careful when making this choice as your success may depend on the bookmaker you choose.

There are some important things to consider before choosing a betting site, and some of them include; legality, reliability, features, available markets, customer service, payment methods, among other things.

Things to Consider When Betting on Soccer

Betting on soccer could become a very profitable venture, but it could also turn out to be your worst nightmare. The difference between getting it right and missing it completely is how prepared you are, and the amount of information at your disposal.

For newbies, here are some things to consider when betting on soccer:

1. Study the Head-to-Head Records

The head-to-head record is essential to betting on soccer. It is the record of the outcome of matches between the two opponents in view. If a team has a consistent record of performing poorly against a specific opponent, you may want to look into it as an essential factor when placing a bet. Although a lot of people think records cannot accurately predict future expectations, the head-to-head record might be an exception in soccer. It’s a great indicator of what will likely happen again between the teams in consideration.

2. Understand Home and Away Records

Usually, the home side in a soccer game is considered a favorite. However, some teams perform better away from home. Sometimes, the home team may have a better record on the road than when playing in the stadium. This should be a good clue for your prediction.  It means you can’t always bet on the home team winning because it is the general rule. You need to dig deeper to see if the narrative is different from the team you are backing.

3. Consider the Weather

The weather condition has a relative significance on the team’s performance in most sports, and this is also true with soccer. Some teams perform better than others under certain weather conditions.

Weather conditions like rainfall and wind are critical for any team. For instance, heavy rains or high winds may favor teams that like to play long balls and work against those who want to keep the ball on the ground. You may want to keep this in mind before placing your bets, especially during the rainy and winter seasons.

4. Be Informed About Injuries and Suspensions Records

Don’t sideline this factor in your betting consideration. It’s okay to assume that a team with several suspensions and injuries will perform poorly on the pitch.

If a team is missing two of its best players due to injuries or suspensions, it means recent forms or league positions may not be enough to determine the outcome of the match it will be playing next. You will need to study the other team and their current situation before placing an informed bet.

5. Consider the Quality of the Teams

This should be a no-brainer. In every sport, quality wins the game, and you need to consider the quality of the players available to each team before making a bet. Yes, having quality athletes in a team does not mean that winning is inevitable, but it increases the chances of winning.

It will also help if you avoid bias when betting. Don’t bet on a team to win because you want them to, rather, bet on them to win because you think they can.

Also, squad balance and the managers or coaches of each team are significant factors to be considered. Good managers and coaches are highly sought after because they can determine the result of a match – so, you’d be best advised to consider managers in your forecast too.

The Bottom Line of Betting on Soccer

Understanding other factors such as discipline, motivation, psychology, and schedules will also help in soccer betting. In the end, the most important reason why people want to place bets is to win, and if you follow the tips provided above, you will be well placed to become successful at soccer betting.

We are rooting for you!