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5 shooting games we’re stupid hype about for E3 2018

E3 2018 is around the corner and with that comes the hype and excitement for new games that have the potential to change the culture of gaming.

It looks like this is the year that shooting games are taking over the scene. But what else is really new?

With new games like Anthem, Rage 2, Battlefield V, and a new Call of Duty, summer is going to be crazy for gamers. And no, we ain’t talking Fortnite!

Rage 2

Rage 2 is a post-apocalyptic game where the only rule is that there no rules and anything goes.

The game is set in 2185 many years after the events of the first game Rage and is continuing with the same protagonist, Walker and his war against the tyranny of the Authority.

The game has amazing graphics, an enthralling story and it is an open world game with a great story and that will definitely be a great addition to the list of summer games to play.


Anthem is a game that set itself apart from the pack with a game trailer that offered some pretty impressive gameplay.

It set if the far future where you play as a freelance a hero that has access to a variety of different suits with different abilities that offer you superhuman strength.

People come to you with different jobs that vary in difficulty as you progress through the game and you complete them for rewards. It is set in an open world that has amazing graphics and fantastic gameplay.

Battlefield V

Battlefield 5 is completely changing up their class system with an entirely new one.

They are taking the class system from the first Battlefield and expanding on it.

You can now completely customize your soldier and tailor them to your liking appearance wise and through their class customization that offers different pathways for each class in the game. The takes place in a World War 2 setting so you know it’s braze.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

The Call of Duty franchise is diverting from their normal setup of having a single player campaign and is solely focusing on the multiplayer aspect only.

This is the first time that Call Of Duty has ever made a move like this but it’s likely that it will pay off because more of their fanbase has been heavily dedicated to the multiplayer aspect as opposed to the single player aspect.

They a developing a class system that each has their own unique set of abilities. If you pre-order you can get early access to the action.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 new expansion presents a new threat as you are headed back to Mars to our fight the Hive or a dangerous new weapon called the Rasputin.

It is up to you and your team of friends to destroy the hives presence on Mars and uncover any other secrets that the planet may be hiding.