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15-year-old from Dubai flexes on every hypebeast with Supreme Ferrari

When it comes to stunting and flexing on people, you have to be extra these days since there’s so much wild stuff out there on social media.

We’ve all seen the type on Instagram. Kids wearing a bogo as pants or just pulling up with a lambo (that’s rented).

They might think they got it but when it comes down to it no one, and I mean no one, flexes like my boy Rashed Belhasa.

Just know that MoneyKicks has the plugs and they will be more coming this week 🙏🏽🔥#louisvuitton#supreme#complex

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This 15-year-old kid has everything a hypebeast could ever want. He’s got expensive supercars, fresh ass clothes, and even a milkshake named after him. He also has a billionaire oil mogul as a father, so that helps too.

If your favorite celebrity, athlete, or rapper has ever gone to Dubai they probably met Rashed and hung out with his tigers. Wiz did and look how happy he looks.

My other account @wq ❤️😍#moneykicks1

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In an interview with Highsnobiety Rashed was asked how much he spent on clothing and answered,

“I spend about $5k a month on clothes, not including sneakers. Sneakers might be around $5,000 for one pair.”

In a recent post, Rashed showed off one of the craziest cars we’ve ever seen. A Ferrari wrapped in red LV monograph with huge Supreme stickers on it.

This isn’t even the first time he’s done this with a car. Last year he turned a Cadillac into the Yeezy turtle dove.

The kid is loaded so he’ll probably do something like this again next year so keep your eyes peeled.

Would you give your son this much money just to stunt with?