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Your Guide To Perfume: The Most Underrated Accessory There Is

Perfume is one of the most essential accessories. And we smother ourselves with fragrance from head to toe.

Yet few of us know how to pick the right one.

Well, we’re inviting you to discover the hidden olfactory wonders around you. Let’s take a look at why you should start wearing perfume.

And how you can do it easily without feeling overwhelmed by choices. 

Why Wear Perfume?

The word perfumery comes from the French word ‘perfumer’, which means ‘to make incense’. And that’s a good enough reason right there to start wearing perfume.

Perfume is a calming scent that can elevate your mood and help you feel confident and more at ease.

It can be worn daily, at different times, or on special occasions. And it makes the perfect gift for anyone in your life. 

How To Pick The Right Perfume

So you’re sitting in front of your perfume shelf, looking at all the bottles, wondering which one to pick, wondering which one is best for your skin type and your body chemistry.

This is where people make the most mistakes and end up picking the wrong perfume.

Most people choose their fragrance based on price point. But this can now become a thing of the past.

Especially when you can get amazing dupes of expensive perfumes for a fraction of the price. Like this Dossier perfume inspired by YSL Black Opium.

But how else can you pick your perfect bouquet? Well, these tips will have you choosing the right scent in no time. 

Pick a scent that evokes a few key memories.

When you smell a scent, your brain triggers the smell receptors in your nose and interprets it as something nice.

You then associate that smell with the pleasant feeling you had when you first experienced it.

However, fragrances are also linked to other experiences. You can use scents to evoke certain emotions related to certain people, places, or events. 

Pick a top note, an opening smell, and a middle note.

A top note is the first smell that evaporates in a fragrance. It usually smells floral or fruity and can be very light or strong.

An opening smell is a smell that continues in the base of the fragrance — it’s a combination of notes from other fragrances, and it can vary by fragrance.

A middle note is what many people associate with musky scents, like that of leather or wood. And a base note gives the fragrance its overall smell.

Key Notes In A Fragrance

Perfume experts have a hard time explaining why certain fragrances smell the way they do.

However, the most common explanation is that they are made up of key notes. Although the scent of a perfume is made up of many different ingredients, these give each scent its unique smell.

And a fragrance’s key notes are what you should be looking for when picking a perfume. 

So what are key notes? They’re the smells that dominate a scent.

The scents make up the majority of the aroma in a perfume. And they often change depending on the fragrance. The key notes make a smell unique.

In perfumery, the key notes are the dominant scents that make up the majority of the perfume. They are often the main notes but are not the only notes in a fragrance.

Other notes are usually blended in, giving a unique aroma. 

These key notes describe the characteristics of the scent, like smell, freshness, and sweetness. Common ones include apples, flowers, cinnamon, and citrus.

You can also pick a perfume with a combination of key notes to create a new, refreshing smell.

Final Words

Perfume is personal. And the right scent for you may take some experimentation.

The right fragrance can boost your confidence, make you smell better, and get you noticed by the right person.

And it’s the perfect accessory for men and women. When you find the right scent, wear it confidently and enjoy the subtle but powerful benefits of the most undervalued accessory around.