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Young Thug’s new album might’ve just started the gangsta folk genre

Beautiful Thugger Girls might be one of the most experimental hip-hop albums to come out this year. Young Thug has pushed rap to a new level, combining funky guitar riffs, trap bass and snares, and trippy vocals.

Even though this is Young Thug’s first official studio album (whatever that means nowadays), Beautiful Thugger Girls is the 17th (!) project he’s released.

I didn’t really know what to expect as Young Thug always comes through with the surprises. His style is like if someone merged the vocals of the “I Feel Like Dying” version of Lil Wayne (only that song) and an extraterrestrial being from the hood of Mars.

The album debuted on June 16 and I’ve been playing it over and over, trying to understand how this kind of music was created. This album might encompass a pivotal era for hip-hop and rap.

On Beautiful Thugger Girls, Thug raps/sings over a number of melodic beats with light Nashville-sounding guitar riffs behind a hard bass. From the beginning, Thugger sets the vibe for the whole album on “Family Don’t Matter.”

The verse that set it off for me:

Bagged a bad bitch, I got a foreign son
Tommy gun, found a real Tommy gun
I dropped a milly on my chain like I know Barry Bonds
And I got a head full of hair like I’m from Amazon, uhh
Glaze that ass like a candle honey, uhh
Ferragamo shower shoes for me, uhh
Lightbulb, neck got jewels on it, uhh
Like an ol’ school I gots a pooled on it, huh
Satan, abracadabra
Abracadabra, kill all you bastards
I wanna wrassle
The bread ambassador
No nothin’ else matter to him
I’m ballin’ like Patrick Ewing

The second song “Tomorrow Til’ Infinity” killed me from the intro. Thugger calls himself the black Christian Grey, which is boss af.

Peep …

(Hope I see you, tomorrow
I’m tryna see you, tomorrow)
Yeah, I’m the black Christian Grey, you know what I’m sayin’?
(I wanna be you, tomorrow)
I got fifty shades of baes with me, fifty different bitches

The third track, “She Wanna Party” is a straight up saucy boy anthem. I can definitely see myself holding a drink in the air to this one. I might have to cop a bottle of Ace just so I can bask in the glory of this song.

Following the saucy anthem is “Daddy’s Birthday.” Young Thug actually previewed the song on social media a month before dropping Beautiful Thugger Girls.

The final version is epic. “Daddy’s Birthday” is very lyrical and Young Thug added some ad-libs that make the listener feel like they are really riding around with him in his V12. Peep this excerpt from the first verse:

Bae I’m flexing, ex textin’
Brand new Rari, Smith and Wesson
Made myself a balla, want my credit, yuh
Speaking of credit, Big Hoppa owe me, I got credit, yuh
Vrrrm, V12, y’all ain’t ready at all
Trapping P’s, I’m like “hurry up and buy”
Extra Draco for my pops, ’cause his birthday 4th of July
I’m so busy it’s making me feel like I’m in and out my kids’ lives

One song that might break your speakers and put you in cardiac arrest is “Get High” featuring legendary rapper Snoop Dogg and Chitown’s Lil’ Durk.

The very unlikely feature from Snoop Dogg had me shocked. Back in 2014 on an episode of his GGN talk show with 50 Cent, the California rapper wasn’t too open about this new style of rap that has surfaced.

Guess Snoop had a change of mind.

Not going to front this song is fire af.

Besides the Snoop, Lil’ Durk, Millie Go Lightly, and Gunna features, Young Thug, also collaborated with Future on “Relationship” and Jacquees on “For Y’all.”

A very collaborative album indeed but such a unique sound.

Beautiful Thugger Girls is a must hear. Check out the full album for yourself below.