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You mad! How Asahd Khaled is already stuntin’ on ya whole life

The homie Asahd Khaled is most definitely more of a boss than you are.

DJ Khaled’s son definitely got all the other babies hatin’. This little guy is extremely blessed. He’s already an icon at the age of 7 months.

My son already has a huge following. Asahd has close to a million Instagram followers and is verified on Twitter. TBH I’m wild jelly.

Not to mention he is the executive producer of DJ Khaled’s album, Gratefulwhich is due to drop June 23.

Asahd is doing big things! He has a list of wild homies already and he hasn’t even made it to the sandbox yet. DJ Khaled’s networking game for the baby star is crazy.

Less than two months into his life Asahd received the blessing from Drake

He’s dapped’ it up with Nas…

The homie Big Sean…

And Asahd was so fresh one night Zac Efron had to say wass good

Asahd got the fire tracks too! So far, before his first birthday, he has ‘produced’ tracks with Jay-Z, Beyonce, Chance the Rapper, Lil Wayne, Quavo, and Justin Beiber. Like what can’t this kid do?

He assisted DJ Khaled on “I’m the One,” which went No. 1 in 27 countries

As well as “Shining” with Jay-Z and Beyonce

And another one (DJ Khaled voice) with Drake

Not to mention he’s a ladies man. Sending roses to Rihanna after she got her vocals in and talking about how grateful he was when he received them on the Gram. Hannn!

Asahd has one of the baddest models, Naomi Campbell, calling him beautiful too! Peep DJ Khaled’s hypeness

Chill he’s got gorgeous fans too

His publicity is crazy, check out the young boss gracing the cover of XXL magazine, he’s not even a freshman

And on ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan’

Me and my daddy were on @livekellyandryan this morning! thanks for having us!!! #grateful june23

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There are big things in store for this man. gracing the album cover of Grateful

#grateful june 23!

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Going to the Grammy Awards this year…

Im ready for the Grammy's @davidaugustclothing

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And when you have a loving family foundation, nothing can go wrong. Asahd you’re an icon!

I love you to daddy

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Pre-order Grateful on Itunes and get the first look into Asahd’s first project.