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You can now send your friends money on iMessage so there’s no excuse

You know those longstanding, unspeakable debts you owe to your friends? Or maybe you’re the fiscally responsible buddy of the squad and someone owes you bread.

Whatever the case may be, there are officially no more excuses when it comes to sending and receiving money from people you know. You can thank the geniuses over at Apple who are always thinking of ways to make life a bit easier.

However, Apple did announce the iOS 11, which is designed to “change everything — again,” as the great Steve Jobs would say.

On Monday June 5, the tech giant held its annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Jose, California. During the conference, several new software and hardware announcements were made (but no new info about the next iPhone).

While there is a slew of other great features that come along with the new mobile operating system, such as new Live Photos tricks, a redesigned control center, and a shiny new doc for iPad users, one of the key features that stood out the most has to do with cold hard cash.

iOS 11 users will now be able to send and receive money solely using the iMessage app.

The Verge’s Chris Welch writes,

Apple Pay is also expanding to include person-to-person payments, positioning Apple to take on Venmo and Square Cash. iOS 11 will introduce a Apple Pay Cash Card, where users will store their received funds from peer-to-peer transactions. This money can be transferred to your personal bank account.

In other words, you can kiss Venmo and Square goodbye (unless you’re that loyal to your favorite payment apps or unless you’re an Android user).

Remember that $20 entry fee you covered for your boy at that shitty bar you went to last week? Remember the time you somehow got stuck with the Uber bill because everyone pretended not to know how to split the ride?

You can kiss all of that bullshit goodbye, friends. Apple wants to make sure you get your fucking money back.

Thanks, Tim Cook. Mr. Jobs would be proud.