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You can deadass die if you don’t get enough sleep, scientists say

Air, water, and food. All are key to survival. Without air, expect to last three minutes, water – three days, and food – 21 days.

These are all things you should know. If you don’t, well good luck out there, homie, because you aren’t going to last too long.

We’re really not trying to have you die on us, out there in the wild, so pay attention to this. There is one more essential the human body needs to live.

We all lowkey “sleep” on this vital necessity. What is it, you ask. It is sleep homie. That’s right. If you don’t sleep enough you could die. To be exact, eleven days without sleep could be enough to peace you.

Some of the most successful people in the world tell us sleep is for losers. If you Google it right now I bet that you can find a video of Diddy and a bunch of other celebrities going off on how sleep is wack.

Listen, that is a bunch of BS! Humans need it so much.

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To prove it, a group of Danish scientists came together in 2013, tested mice and found that the mice’s brains shrunk while they were knocked.

The shrinkage isn’t bad though, it represents a kind of brain restoration for animals while they sleep. Let me explain.

USA Today reported that 75 percent of our brain is blood weight. When we are awake our brains are jacked up to a larger size as blood pumps energy to it.

While we slumber, various parts of our brain shut down. This reduces swelling, allows the blood to retreat and creates empty spaces.

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This partial brain shut down is why sleep is so important. Normally, while we sleep our body gets rid of toxins through the lymphatic system, but the brain can’t hold all that in our tightly packed noggins.

So, our brain rids itself of toxins. How? The Danish scientists found that while we sleep a fluid fills up all of those empty spaces that blood once rushed through.

The fluid that’s cleansing our frontal lobes is cerebrospinal fluid. It was once thought to be solely there to protect our brains from being peaced by our skulls. Well, it has evolved into two functions.

The scientists found that when we cycle through the five stages of being fake dead roughly every 90 minutes, the cerebral fluid flows in and out, effortlessly cleaning our brains of toxins.

If we don’t cleanse our brains we die. In fact, it would only take 200 hours for the brain toxins to kill us.

You might think it’s fire to work on that project all night to get ahead but multiple nights like that can fuck you over in the long run. Sleep deprivation can lead to confusion, poor decision-making, irritability, headaches, weight gain, depression, and heart disease.

Not to mention Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other long-term degenerative brain diseases have also been linked to lack of sleep.

Jeff Stibel of USA Today explained it best,

“Pick your poison — cigarettes, caffeine, heroin, cocaine or even chocolate. All of these merely replicate what we already produce in our brains. The brain produces these drugs constantly, so if we don’t purge ourselves from the resulting toxins, we remain drugged. Sleep is the only known cure. Without it, your mind is being overloaded like a drug addict clinging to their next fix.”

All your life they told you that if you “snooze ya lose.” Fuck em’. Go ahead and get as many Z’s as you need.

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