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Yes Lawd! 8 times Marshawn Lynch kept it too real for the NFL

Marshawn Lynch is back this season and we’ve gotta admit, the NFL really ain’t shit without him.

Not only will he still be a key piece to the Raiders potentially reaching a Super Bowl but what he’s doing for his hometown of Oakland is unrivaled.

If Seahawks fans are tight that he left them, then someone tell Pete Carroll he shoulda ran the ball at the one-yard line!

With that said, we can expect a lot of controversy when it comes to Beast Mode because if history repeats itself, he’s gonna rack up a whole lotta fines this season.

The NFL (or the No Fun League) is notorious for sucking the life out of its players and being an overall unfair system but when it comes to Marshawn, they just aren’t prepared for how real he keeps it.

To put it simply, this man is just about that action and it at the end of the day it doesn’t matter how much they try to tax him. Marshawn is gonna stay true to himself and represent his city of Oakland the best way he knows how.

Sure, that could mean being ratchet, cursing on live TV, and bugging out from time to time but it also means giving back to his community and his fans.

With the Raiders set to move to Vegas in two seasons, Marshawn has the opportunity to truly become an even bigger legend in the city of Oakland than he already is by bringing the city its first Super Bowl championship in the modern era.

If he can do that, you can expect Marshawn statues throughout The Bay, babies being named Beast Mode, and probably a key to the city or some shit.

Come to think of it, he’s already done enough to earn all that. He just has to go out there and remind everybody he’s about that action, boss. Peep the eight times Marshawn Lynch kept it TOO real for the NFL above.