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XXXTentacion is one of the hottest new rappers but is he too wild?

My guy XXXTentacion is type wild. The internet got first wind of him when Twitter inspired his beef with Drake. The song that got the beef poppin’ was X’s “Look at Me.”

When Drake was in Amsterdam back in January, he performed “KMT,” where his flow is suspiciously similar to XXXTentacion’s flow on “Look at Me.”

Drake followed XXXTentacion earlier that month

This performance took place while XXXTentacion was in jail for allegedly assaulting his pregnant girlfriend, but that didn’t stop the Floridian rapper from tweeting a rebuttal to the stolen flow.

Of course, the tweet was deleted, but we managed to get our hands on the record. Check out what XXXTentacion tweeted about Drake back in late January to Kodak Black:


Peep what X had to say about Drake in his first interview after jail

Since his release, XXXTentacion has managed to gain an even bigger following on SoundCloud, accumulating over 400 million plays, 970k followers, with only 43 tracks posted.

That’s not bad for someone who’s first song, “Vice City”, was posted on SoundCloud in 2014. Even with (or maybe because of) Drake’s biting, “Look at Me” still managed to grab the #34 spot on the Billboard Hot 100  list.

XXXTentacion definitely has a cult following.

X’s  fans have wild love for him (NSFW THO).

I don’t really know how to describe X’s music but it’ll get you so fuckin hype. It’s like a screamo version of rap. This man’s energy will get you feeling like you’re in the middle of a mosh pit, blacking out on the vibes and shit. His music is not for the weak hearted.

His energy lit af.

Yeah he a wild one.

In more news, he accepts everyone for who they are regardless of what kind of background they come from. In a recent show off of his Revenge Tour with Robb Banks, X went off on a KKK audio clip that stated how the “niggas and the Jews” are taking over the country. He replied,

“I don’t give a fuck if you’re black, white, yellow, purple, if you’re gay, if you’re straight, I give a fuck if you’re a person..”

He then popped off the craziest chant having the crowd say Fuck the KKK and Donald Trump.

If you haven’t heard his latest project, check out Revenge below and let us know your thoughts on the XXXTentacion movement.