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Would you cop this $250 Raf Simons duct tape just to use it as a belt?

Raf Simmons is a living legend in the fashion industry from his work with Adidas to Joy Division. The man has done so much for fashion that you gotta give him respect.

When Calvin Klein announced Simmons would become their chief creative officer we were hype. As he moved to New York, he took his unorthodox brand with him.

When we saw his new collection on the runway we thought it was looking pretty wild.

And it’s not because I don’t understand the designs but because a lot of them had this weird looking belt in them.


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It’s been a while since then and it looks like the collection finally dropped alongside this “belt.”

Turns out it was not a belt at all, but tape and not just any tape DUCT TAPE. Like bruh, what is so wrong about a normal belt? Oh, and this isn’t your normal roll of tape it’s $250.

If you do decide to buy it consider some of these applications. Maybe you have a whole in some jeans, well BOOM tape it up.

Raf Simons

Forget Supreme stickers on your Mac, why not just wrap it in duct tape? And let’s not forget it’s duct tape so you’ll be ready for a Zombie apocalypse.

Ya know what, I think I changed my mind I might have to cop this tape now, it’s just too useful.