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World War Z is turning into a video game and we’re extra shook ones

I’ve seen a lot of zombie movies but for some reason, World War Z had me the most stressed. Originally based on the novel by Max Brooks, it’s the fact that these zombies are different than any others in the genre — they’re stupid quick.

There’s nothing scarier than a mad athletic zombie that can run faster than Usain Bolt, jump higher than Blake Griffin, and eat ya fuckin’ face like it’s on all the bath salts.

Now this horrifying image is coming to video games and we couldn’t be more shook.

The trailer was shown at the Gaming Awards recently and if this is any indication of actual gameplay then I’m gonna have to play this in the middle of the day, with all of the lights on, and with my whole family in the room for support.

Do you see these motherfuckers climbing on top of each other and stacking up? That’s one of the most unsettling images you could see all day. How many bullets are you going to need to stop this again? And realistically how the fuck do you win this game?

According to their press release, World War Z will be up to a four player cooperative with a campaign mode that focuses on survival in cities such as New York, Jerusalem, and Moscow.

Luckily, you’re gonna have the heat on deck and will be able to pop some zombie ass with enough ammo to save the world. It’s a strategy game so there will be all sorts of traps you can set up and barriers you have to use as the environment is your homie.

The tagline for the game is probably the braziest thing about it, “70,000 years at the top of the food chain…it was fun while it lasted.” Chill!

The real question is do you get to play as Brad Pitt? Hopefully this shit comes out in 2018.