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Women are no longer being silent about sexism in Hollywood

Harvey Weinstein was exposed for decades of sexual assault and harassment towards over 50 women in and out of Hollywood.

After the news broke through the New York Times, Hollywood has been scrambling to pick up the broken pieces of our beloved industries, persons, and reputations.

This isn’t the only issue that’s followed women over the years. The Wage Gap still exists today, and the statistics are appalling.

In 2014, women earned 79% of a white man’s dollar. Black women earned 63% and Latinas 54%.

Thankfully, feminist leaders that we have today are more outspoken than ever.

Celebrities have come forward with their own experiences, such as McKayla Maroney and Mayim Bayik, who have shared their stories with the world. Others have been exposed as being a part of the Weinstein scandal and silencing women’s voices.

The #MeToo movement kicked off last week, and reached an audience worldwide, with 1.7 million tweets from 85 countries. Women and men all around the world have bound together in hopes of eliminating sexual harassment and assault once and for all.

There’s a bright side to the darkness that’s clouded our media. Now more than ever, you can get involved and have your voice heard regarding women’s rights.

Women have been kept silent for too long. We are proud of those who have the ability to step forward and discuss how they were affected.

So long as we continue to stick together and fight for equality between all sexes, we can continue to see a change in the way we treat women and men.