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Woman has ‘uncontrollable orgasms’ weeks after smoking weed and having sex

So it’s safe to say that I’m feeling kind of jealous right now.

A 40-year-old unnamed woman who is under the alias, “Mrs. A,” recently came forward with a report published in the Journal of Sex & Martial Therapy.

Mrs. A, and who I can only assume is Mr. B, had a long, rough, love-making session one night, as they smoked their alphabet brains up.

What happened, as a result, was orgasms. Lots and lots of orgasms.

It’s no secret that marijuana improves your sex life, especially for women, but homegirl wasn’t expecting what persisted for three weeks after her steamy night: Uncontrollable, spontaneous orgasms.

At the three week mark, she went out looking for professional help and documented her problem. She filmed herself having an “episode” and even cut off having sex completely, yet she kept coming, particularly after she would smoke some weed.

Tbh none of this sounds like a bad time to me at all, I’m just sayin’.

Dr. Marcel Waldinger, the neuropsychiatrist who was treating her, told Newsweek,

“She still got spontaneous orgasms within one minute after smoking cannabis. When smoking a small amount of cannabis, the spontaneous orgasms were controllable, but after smoking a higher amount of cannabis, the spontaneous orgasms became completely uncontrollable.”

Now, the doctors did everything they could to pinpoint why this was happening, but couldn’t find anything on a physical level, nothing going on in her clitoris, no hidden tumors, nothing that could be garnering stimulation.

What they did conclude was that a night of extremely rough sex + cannabis = an over-activated nerve.

There’s something very important to be learned here: 1. If you aren’t smoking your girl up while you’re doing the nasty, you’re probably doing it wrong. 2. Weed has the ability to bring out the freak in you.

Dr. Walldinger sees the bigger picture.

“It is known that cannabis may inhibit or facilitate sexual feelings. However, the current idea is that this is due to the anxiety-reducing properties of cannabis or to the idea that it increases the skin sensitivity for touch. The current case report is important, as the spontaneous orgasms may indicate that cannabis itself may have a direct pharmacological effect on orgasm.”

There’s no shock there. As marijuana research becomes a more open topic for discussion, we can be sure to hear about cases like this from time to time, as the effects are still being studied in depth.

And Mrs. A? She was told to stop smoking weed, in order to control her orgasms. And no, they haven’t stopped.