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Woah there! Woman who posted R. Kelly’s bail speaks, “He’s my friend”

Hoorays of celebration and glee for Black History Month being saved following the indictment of R&B singer R. Kelly this past Friday came to a screeching halt when a woman identified as “friend” posted his $100,000 bail this past weekend.

It seemed like a one-off case when it was reported that a woman screamed “take me hostage” at a Chicago nightclub after Lifetime’s six-part documentary series, Surviving R. Kelly alleged Kelly kept women against their will.

Nonetheless, 47-year-old Valencia Love from Romeoville IL  — the identified ‘friend’ —  has proven otherwise.

During an interview with Fox32 News’ Tia Ewing, the businesswoman defended her decision, telling the reporter she believes Kelly is innocent but not if the $100,000 she paid was hers.

“Im not going to say it was my money or [Kelly’s] and he’s not broke,” the woman said, according to Ewing. “[…] He’s my friend and I knew he needed help.”

Love also claimed Kelly’s release was inevitable, as he had planned to post bond by Thursday. “He was going to get out regardless,” she said. “I just went out there to help my friend.”

To make the stew spicer and the tea hotter, the Daily Mail reported that Love is actually a successful businesswoman of several restaurants, and a Chicago childcare facility called the Lord and Child Christian Day Care — incredibly ironic given she’s using her earnings to help an accused pedophile.

“I wasn’t there, you wasn’t there. Give him the chance and allow him to prove his innocence,” Love told Ewing. “He’s not a monster, he’s not […] He’s only been a gentleman to me.”

Given the momentum of the #Metoo and #TimeisUp movements and all the progressive feats women have recently achieved in combating the constraints of years of systematic toxic masculinity; given the women who have courageously come forward and the big names that have fallen, to see someone — anyone, nonetheless a woman who oversees child care facilities — “help” R. Kelly is astonishing.

Yet, here we are.

While Love claims she does not support pedophilia or the abuse of women, she diverted the attention to the police and the expediency in which they acted against the singer as well as the lack of accountability of the church, although Australian Cardinal George Pell, one of Pope Francis’ closest advisors has been found guilty of sexually assaulting two choirboys.

“Look at all these priest, why isn’t anyone going after them,” she asked. “[…] The prosecutors and attorney general need to be prosecuting the priest that were sleeping with 5- and 6-year-old children.”

You can read Love’s statements below.


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