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Wiz Khalifa’s most legendary moments that prove you can do anything high

Uncle Snoop (and maybe Curren$y) is probably the only man that can keep up with his nephew Wiz when it comes to smoking the Khalifa Kush.

No lies. Who else can perform dumb cooked and make it look natural? Only Wiz.

Do you know anyone else that could hop on a plane after smoking back-to-back-to-back-to-back joints? Nah, because only Wiz has the sour smoking capabilities to fly high in the sky above all at 30,000 miles.

The smacked prince not only hustles high, but he also gets his money high. How else would he have such high-ranking records? Homie earned a grip of RIAA Awards last year, a half-dozen to be exact.

His shmackedness even rubs off on those around him. Fast and Furious actor Vin Diesel knows what time it is when Khalifa comes around. It’s time to get cooked.

Weed has even become the low-key defense mechanism for Wiz. You have to peep as he hands out Khalifa Kush to paparazzi while they ran upon him rolling.

Khalifa’s music speaks for itself when it comes to entering heavenly smackdom. Albums like Kush & OJ made me realize the best way to start your day is with a fat joint of the kush and a large glass of OJ.

His latest project, Laugh Now, Fly Later, tells all for those of you looking to switch to a more fly, chill, and progressive life.

Khalifa Man can do anything shmacked. He’s proved it several times over that kush is in his DNA. He smokes so much that he has evolved into a marijuana being. The nirvana all piff smokers dream of reaching.

Watch the video above and see how you can become the most high.