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Witchcraft TikToks are the wave just don’t hex the moon

Let’s get into something different, witchcraft TikToks.

Suspect yes but more and more Americans, especially millennials are secular or identify with no religion. This is according to a National Pew Research Center poll dating back to 2015.

Perhaps, this doesn’t come as a surprise to you. This change from the past offers growth and offers great benefits, at least politically.

If no one religion is in power [in the future], it can prevent biases towards one or the other. However, there’s another side to this that perhaps you weren’t expecting.

Still, people are not as scared as before, and other religions that were once unfortunately considered taboo are now resurfacing. And, of course, they’ve found a home in a peculiar place: Tik Tok.

So what’s really good with witchcraft TikToks?

Yup, you can find all sorts of posts on the platform talking about spiritualities, such as Wicca and Paganism, in a subcommunity called Witchtok.

It’s quite interesting, as there are people who discuss their own experiences, talking to deities and even performing hexes.

It dismantles the ideas of taboo and offers openness, allowing people to really learn about things that perhaps they’ve been too scared to ask about. Yet, as with everything, this also had its’ own effects.

“Minions, I’m going to steal…the moon”

It was on Tiktok where a bunch of ‘baby witches’, or beginner witches decided to…hex the moon. A hex is a spell, but with malicious intent.

Hexes are not always recommended for beginner witches or warlocks, because it’s considered hard to do. If you’re super confused, you’re not alone. This is sort of “an outrage” in the community, and for other spiritualities as well.

The moon is a pretty important figure, in general. Controls the tides? Yes.  A powerful symbol, a representative in different mythologies and spiritualities? Yes.

Do some witches charge their crystals using full moon cycles? Yes. Do people use moon water for spells and whatnot? Also, yes.

If all of this sounds foreign, the point is this: the moon is very important for a witch. It helps with a lot of things and is a very, very powerful figure.

It’s not just for Pagans though; astrologers depend on the moon cycle to dictate what is happening in their field. The moon in Greek Mythology represents the Goddess Selene. The point being: people use the moon for a lot of things.

Hence, the outrage that ensued when several young witches decide to hex the moon. The baby witches apparently wanted to prove themselves, although, of what, I can’t tell you.

You did all this…For what?

Regardless of how you may feel about one particular religion, it’s not inherently a bad thing for others to be learning. The problem comes from the romanticizing of a spirituality.

There is an overwhelming amount of misinformation present, that can make it hard to navigate, especially for someone who is curious. It shouldn’t be something to flaunt.

Whether or not you believe in Wicca is not the point. Rather the point is that some of these spiritualities should seriously not be messed with for no reason.

Attempting to hex a Goddess (?!), I imagine, cannot go well for the people involved. If you actually believe in something like Paganism or Wicca, you should respect that, and not treat it like a toy.