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Wingstop and Wendy’s take shots at each other on Twitter, but who won?

Wendy’s has been the King (Queen?) of fast food social media for a minute now.

The company has a history of clapping back on Twitter and having one of the more entertaining feeds.

They sometimes get into full on conversations with people almost always ending in savagery.

Wendy’s hasn’t been shy of any beef with other fast-food chains either.

Whether it’s Burger King or McDonald’s, Wendy’s is ready for war.

Wendy’s does this social media shit.

Yesterday a new challenger stepped in Wendy’s Twitter ring. Coming in at 1,000 locations country wide, Wingstop geared up for beef.

The two fast food chains were caught up in a rap battle over Twitter. It all started when Wingstop tweeted a verse of their own in “Bad and Boujee” rhyme scheme.

Wendy’s being the bully they are had to respond to the fast food chain with their own set of bars.

This set off a series of tweets that remind everyone…people get paid to do this.

If there’s one thing I got from this it’s that this went on for way too long.

It’s no secret that these Twitter antics are just free marketing for both brands. I can’t even lie I’m kind of itching for some lemon wings from Wingstop now.

That being said, seeing your favorite brands beef on Twitter has to be a highlight of 2017. I’ve always wondered who would win between Ronald McDonald and the Burger King, maybe they’ll beef next.

By the way, has anyone noticed how these brands love using Black culture to lure in customers? I get it’s the dopest vernacular out but how about some reparations Wendy’s?

Bless some coupons or some shit for all this slang you took for your Twitter arsenal.