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Why Video Games Make You Feel Sick (and What You Can Do About It)

In today’s time, technology has become a great power and changed the way people play video games incredibly. With lifelike graphics, video games make it tricky for human brains to differentiate the virtual world from the real world.

The high-definition yet thrilling visuals have changed people’s perspective on seeking the world. Nowadays, motion sickness has become a major concern for people across the world.

Since video games have a huge drawback in today’s world, people generally find it tough how to deal with motion sickness. 

Whatever game you hop on at, you will find it tricky to deal with motion sickness which is the most common side effect of video games these days.

Of course, it has become a major problem that you should never fail to notice at any cost. Motion sickness also gives rise to other health issues such as headache, excessive production of saliva, nausea, and dizziness. 

Well, if it is something that concerns you, then this guide is just what you need to know about the sickness and what you can do about it. Without any further delay, let’s get started. 

Why Do Video Games Make Us Feel Sick? 

Headaches or nausea would not be common if you are a frequent gamer. You are not alone in experiencing these symptoms. But, have you ever thought about why we experience these symptoms?

Well, doctors are still not sure what causes motion sickness. However, some professionals are there that believe it happens when our brain receives conflicting signals. Our eyes and ears have to go through a lot.

With the fast-paced motion, our eye feels discomfort and our inner ears are the delicate parts of our body. This will create unpleasant symptoms and disturb a person’s sense of balance. 

Is It Normal? 

Even though it has become common, it is not at all normal. The motion sickness will not just become a source of embarrassment but also questions the legitimacy of your claim to be a veteran gamer.

And you can easily deal with the embarrassment at your convenience. There are some useful ways that you can consider to deal with the issue and enhance your enjoyment during gaming. So, read the entire article to figure out how you can easily deal with the issues. 

How to Combat Motion Sickness While Gaming? 

Well, you don’t have to feel panic. Actually, there are ways through which you can effectively deal with the problems and reduce the risks of motion sickness. Let’s have a quick glance at some rewarding tips that bring a change in your life for sure: 

  1. Take Frequent Breaks 

 It is always good to take frequent breaks instead of letting the situation out of control. If you are experiencing motion sickness, it is not always appreciated to stare at a screen for hours. Taking frequent breaks will help.

You should stop playing at regular intervals and it will help your brain to respond to the surroundings in a more productive manner and combat the mixed signals that often look confusing. 

  1. Consider Customizable Settings of the Game 

Most games come with customizable options. In order to make your experience of gaming more personalized, it is better to consider customizable settings to deal with motion sickness in an effortless manner.

For instance, you can turn off motion blur and head bobbing or adjust the sensitivity of movement. You can also consider other settings that may make you feel unwell and customize them according to your preferences. 

  1. Experiment with Different Games 

If you experience motion sickness while playing certain games, this tip will surely make sense. Your problems will easily be resolved if you make a switch to different games. For a change, you can opt for games with less intense action or easy movements. 

  1. Lighting Will Make a Difference 

To give your eyes a soothing experience, make sure to play in the bright lights. Turning on more lights will make sense. Avoid playing in dark rooms because it will not be good for the health of your eyes. 

Final Words

With the above-listed tricks, you can easily reduce the chances of motion sickness to an extent. If you actually want to try your luck at online gaming, it is important to take care of your health.

Whenever you feel sick, don’t forget to include all the points into your gaming strategies and you are good to go.